A Green Thumb.

The beautiful weather today kicked my Earth connection into high gear or something. I’m still Mr. Domestic, cleaning and whatnot around the house. And now I’m working on my green thumb.

I haven’t had much of a green thumb over the years. This past summer’s vegetable garden showed much promise. The previous owners of the house had evidence of a beautiful garden when we moved in last year. A neat, organized fenced in area that was nothing short of a starter kit for me to continue the tradition. So, always one to take a cue and run with it, I completely ripped everything out and reclaimed the lawn and grew bucket tomatoes again. I’ve never had any luck with a garden but I can handle bucket tomatoes. Five gallon pail, lots of dirt, a few plants and we’re on our way to Italian sauce baby. The tomatoes came out pretty well, and I actually grew enough tomatoes to garnish not one but two salads this year!

So of course I decided that our house needs to be filled with plants. I went to Lowe’s, worked my way around the Christmas decorations (grrrrrrr) and found the plant section, with some beautiful plants that showed lots of promise. Since sunlight can be a premium during the winter months here in Upstate N.Y., I also bought a tall lamp with a “Grow Bulb” so that I can provide some artificial sunlight. I set up the indoor garden in the formal living room. Earl was so impressed, he asked that I do the same in the Great Room. So now I have a little project for the winter. Keep the plants alive!

I also did a tad bit of photography today. You can take a peek at my .Mac site. I had to give the Mac stuff a whirl, and let me tell you, it was a SNAP. Watch for more pictures soon.