The Sweet Insanity of Life.

As I get closer to the first day of the new job, I can’t help but be filled with a constant feeling of anticipation. It’s sort of like waiting for the french fries to be covered in glorious ketchup, and since the high-class restaurant you’re sitting at only uses the best condiments, anticipation is making me wait.

Par for the course, I haven’t been this happy at my current job in years. I guess relieved of the on-going typical pressures and constant feeling of a treadmill, I can sit back and enjoy my final two weeks with the company I’ve worked with for the past ten years. Training is going along beautifully. I believe the transition will be smooth.

Earl and I kicked back this past weekend and did absolutely nothing. Well, almost. On Friday I was feeling a bit under the weather throughout the day, something wonky with my sinuses. So I took a few Tylenol daytime sinus symptom masking pills and went on with my business… conscious of the nagging sinus headache but dealing with it. I figured I would sleep it off Friday night. After work we joined my mom and sister, along with my aunt and uncle at Olive Garden (hey we always feel like family at Olive Garden), where we enjoyed wonderful conversation, acceptable food and friendly service. Of course, I couldn’t resist a glass of the Pino Bianco wine, which mixed wonderfully with the Tylenol Sinus Pills. Oops. On the ride home from the restaurant (Earl was driving), I got all emotional because Earl was such a wonderful driver and I didn’t appreciate it, the stars were speaking directly to me as they batted their eyelashes lovingly and how could anyone love a man that was abducted by aliens as a child. Earl has since begged me to never take any sort of sinus or allergy medicine because I get so spaced out and so odd that frankly it frightens him. As I look back on my childhood, these types of medication have always had this affect on me and at 36 years old you’d think I’d know better. To make it worse, I couldn’t sleep at all Friday night because I had Sylvia’s “Nobody” stuck in my head and couldn’t get it to stop, plus I was convinced that Agnes Moorhead would scold me in my dreams for drinking wine with allergy pills, I should have been drinking gin.

So for the remainder of the weekend, we did nothing but hang out at the house and watch a couple of Wonder Woman episodes from the new DVD set I got for my birthday. And I took about six naps throughout the day on Saturday.

Feeling better on Sunday, I did get a chance to get out on my bike, as there was a suggestion of sunshine and I was going to take advantage of it. I didn’t want to risk riding in traffic, as dizzy as I was from the sinus thing that was finally subsiding, so I stuck to the newly paved canal trails which was positively serene.

Today has been absolutely wonderful. The sinus wonkiness is gone, summer actually showed up for August, the pool gave up being green and things are going well. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.