Writing whispers in the dark.

It’s finally happened. I have confirmed that Earl and I are a “forever” couple.

I am writing in my blog while he snores away by my side. You see, we’re laying in bed. Well, I am laying in bed while Earl is already asleep. Perhaps you can hear him snoring. God love him, he snores loud enough to make cattle restless two counties away. But its music to my ears.

There was a time in my life when Friday night was “party night”. I would be spinning at the local bar, whipping up the music and feasting on the eye candy. But while I was setting the tempo for the crowd, I was so lonely. Oh I had friends and flings, but nothing everlasting. Until I met Earl. My life changed in so many ways when I met him.

And while we’re not big on the party scene anymore, its comforting to know that Friday night is still special… a nice dinner, a little internet surfing and then to bed early, Earl on my left, our cat Tom on the right, raindrops on the roof, while I ‘whisper’ in my blog in the dark.