Aunt Clara.

I fully believe in reincarnation. I believe that God is an equal opportunity employer… we’re down here to learn some lessons. It’s o.k. if we screw up, we just get to do it again. We perfect our soul and then we help others do the same by becoming spirit guides. As others have said, live a good life, do good for others and yourself, love God, then shut up and go home.

There’s my spirituality in a nutshell.

Earl has mentioned this a couple of times in our years together and now I’m starting to wonder myself… could it be possible that I am somehow related to Marion Lorne? For those unfamiliar with this classic actress, Marion Lorne, a huge London stage performer, as well as ‘Mrs. Gurney’ on the 1950s sitcom ‘Mr. Peepers’, is probably best remembered as Aunt Clara on Bewitched.

From what I understand, Marion Lorne in real life was quite similar to the character Aunt Clara (and pretty much all the characters she played) in many respects. She was described by Alfred Hitchcock as “an institution”. She was a character unto herself while she seemed to be living in her own little world.

There are many reasons I could be related to Marion Lorne in some cross cosmic astrological way:

1. Ms. Lorne played a vague, befuddled character quite often. I frequently wander around in my own little eccentric world. I often address those that work with me in a befuddled manner, by starting out with “What’s your name…”, quite simply because I can’t remember their name. I’ll shake my hand at them, bang on their desk to get their attention, not to be malicious or anything like that, just because I can’t for the life of me recall who they are. Nevermind that I’ve worked with them for 10 years.

2. Marion Lorne actually collected old doorknobs in real life, just as her character Aunt Clara did on Bewitched. An odd hobby. I collect old school clocks and I’m not even playing a character on television. Another odd hobby.

3. Aunt Clara was always screwing up her witchcraft and basically creating mayhem. I’m constantly screwing up computers and creating mayhem.

4. Marion Lorne was often seen in your basic black attire. I feel most comfortable in grays and blacks myself.

5. Marion Lorne liked men. I like men.

6. Marion Lorne passed away in May 1968. I was born in July 1968. Just enough time to recycle, I suppose.

Now I’m not trying to sound like Shirley MacClaine (who I think is fabulous by the way), but I think there may be some connection there. Maybe I’m some sort of lost reincarnated offspring. Who knows. Maybe I’ll try walking through a wall. But if my suspicions are true, then I’m quite honored to be among the greats.

Long live Aunt Clara!