Getting Ready for the Long, Strange Trip

Well, not exactly. Earl and I are headed off to the midwest on Tuesday after work, and we’ve begun preparations today. We’ve decided to do this trip on a budget, so we’re packing lunches and snacks in a cooler. I think we’re both determined not to regain weight we’ve recently lost and this is a good way to keep our health in check during this vacation.

Tomorrow night I take Tom up to his Grandfather’s (my dad’s) for the week… it is never a joyous experience taking the cat for a ride in the car. He absolutely does not like the car and will probably be a mess the entire trip. I’m not looking forward to that experience. Wish me luck.

Earl and I went to the New York State Fair yesterday. We decided to go for the entire day and ended up taking a leisurely, relaxing stroll through the fairgrounds. We visited all the barns, watched some livestock competitions and ate some good old fashioned fair food. You know, it’s amazing how much pride these youngsters show when they’re showing off their prized llama or whatever. Or the men and women that put together beautiful flower displays, or place settings. You can tell each and every person has worked hard for that moment. It’s a wonderful thing to watch.

We never did make it to the midway, but that’s o.k., because the state fair isn’t about amusement rides to us. It’s more about the people of New York State… admittedly, mostly Upstate N.Y. It’s rare to hear a New York or Long Island accent amongst the fair crowd.

One thing I got a kick out of. A young boy, around 9 or 10 years old entered one of the talent contests as a singer. His voice was absolutely amazing. He could belt it out like no one I’ve heard at that age, and his voice quality was impressive.

I was most impressed with his choice of song. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. He was living my dream back when I was 10-years old… singing “I Will Survive” in front of an audience and getting a rousing round of applause. Good for him!