Just your average Thursday

It’s Thursday, just one day away from the weekend. I’m getting a little antsy, because Earl and I are going on a trip… we’re leaving on Tuesday night for Madison, Wis., Chicago, Detroit and all points in between. We want to take in some sights of the midwest, visit with his family in suburban Chicago a little bit (don’t tell them, it’s a surprise) and visit Taliesin, the summer home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to the weekend as well because the great New York State Fair is underway in Syracuse. Earl and I go to the fair every year. And it’s always a blast. Being a native of the Syracuse area, I’ve gone to the fair all my life, and it’s very special to continue to go in my adult life with the person that I love. It’s very nice.

I have to visit every barn, pet every type of animal, go on a ride or two, cheer on the farm kids that are showing off their prize animals, people watch, sit in the State Park in the middle of the Fairgrounds, listen to some free entertainment at Miller Court (last year we caught Captain and Tenille) and basically just enjoy the fair. I’m really looking forward to it.

Earl got home from his business trip to Pennsylvania last night. He was quite impressed with all the work I had done on the landscaping while he was gone. I must admit that it looks very nice. I’m looking for more to do during the weekend during the times that we are home.

We watched the finale of The Amazing Race 4 tonight. Chip and Reichen, the married boy-boy team (that makes them gay) won! Yay! They were fierce competitors and they did a fantastic job. Honestly, I was torn between them and the last co-ed team, Kelly and John – because they did very well as well. It was great to see Chip and Reichen win though. They thoroughly deserved it. That’s one reason that I don’t lump The Amazing Race into the rest of the Reality TV show trash bin – because you have to actually do something to win. You have to be physical, you have to use the resources available to you whereever in the world you are, and you have to mentally prepared for the challenge. I thoroughly believe that it’s the only Reality TV show really worth watching on a regular basis.

That being said, I must admit that we’ve been watching Boy Meets Boy as well. You know, I’ve really been hoping that James (the lead guy) hooks up with the man of his dreams, even though a TV show is an odd place to meet your kindred soul. The twist of having straight guys in the selection seems cruel to me. I think America would be raising a stink of The Bachelor had lesbians in the mix and he had to figure out which ones were straight and which ones were gay. I think this whole twist thing on reality TV is stupid. Just let the people do their thing. If the ratings suck, then it probably wasn’t a very good idea anyways.

O.k., I’ve ranted enough for one night. Now for a little praise. I’m typing this blog entry on the iMac because my computer is downloading it’s 15th update for Windows XP this week. I really need to save some money so I can buy myself a power book and ditch the Windows based machine. Honestly, I’d like to have an iMac powerbook AND a Unix/Linux based desktop machine – but something not quite as powerful as my current Windows machine. A decent processor, videocard and lots of RAM. I’ll do all my multimedia stuff on the Powerbook. Now to convince Earl! 🙂