My How Time Flies

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by this week. Here it is Wednesday night already and I feel like the week has just begun. It must be a blessing to be so busy that I don’t realize how fast the day goes by. Maybe it’s a curse because life is passing me by. Who knows.

I got a new toy in the mail today – the Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003. It is awesome. If you’re a regular Microsoft Office user, you need to upgrade when the finished product of the latest version comes out.

I admit that I’ve become very hooked on American Idol. Now I’m participating on the message boards. I can’t believe that I, a 34 year old man, is arguing with a 14 year old girl about who’s hotter, Josh or Clay, but there you are. By the way, I think it’s Josh that’s hotter. Actually, I’m offering my well thought out opinions as a former Top 40 Radio Station Program Director. Yeah, that’s it.

Since it’s Wednesday night, it’s also “The West Wing” night, which I must admit I’ve found to be quite disappointing this season. Tonight Air Force One can’t land for some reason. Let’s see how that pans out.