I am typing this entry at work. Yes, it is 11:01 p.m. Eastern Time as I’m doing it. Our little network monitoring system here at work decided it wanted to go on strike and stop monitoring our customers’ systems. Figures. It runs on Windows.

I am probably going get a nice butt-kissing award for this, but I really don’t mind coming into the office at night if the situation warrants it. It gets my geek juices flowing. It lessens the stress of trying to do my work from home over a crappy VPN (connecting to my work computer) connection. And I like my job very much, which is a bonus.

Plus, I’ve got that ‘love to drive at night’ thing going on.

So I sit, wait and watch the network monitoring system for a little bit to make sure that’s its working properly before going home to get back in bed. While I’m here, I might as well make use of the really fast internet connection we have; there’s no one looking right now.

Sometimes its fun to work for the phone company that also owns an internet ISP!