"Weapons of Mass Destruction". I’ve heard that ph…

“Weapons of Mass Destruction”. I’ve heard that phrase so many times in the past few weeks in the news that I’m really beginning to become sick to my stomach every time I hear it. I must be so naive. I can not understand how any human being could have such hatred toward another living soul, let alone a country full of people. To come up with these horrible weapons with actual plans to use them. To actually plan out a way to kill hundreds or thousands or more of fellow human beings. Where does such evil come from? I don’t know if I’m very simple mind or more spiritually advanced, but I really, really, really can not understand the magnitude of this evil. Quite frankly, it frightens me.

With the anniversary of September 11th tomorrow, one can’t help but think of these things once again. The country is at status “orange”, which of course is high alert. Talks of attacking Iraq are all over the news and on everyone’s mind. I find myself praying a little longer, a little harder I suppose, supplementing my many daily prayers with a couple of extra thoughts and moments.

I read the “pieced together” accounts of Flight 93, which crashed in Southwestern Pennsylvania on September 11, after the passengers and crew all became heroes and apparently overtook the hijackers, thwarting their plans to crash into the White House. I read this account at work yesterday, and found myself tearing up as I read it. It’s amazing that even a year later, one can be still moved to tears. And my recurring nightmare of nuclear war has reared it’s ugly head once again – with Earl and I consciously making the decision to cross over to The Other Side. I’ve had this nightmare pop up once or twice a year for as long as I can remember. Funny thing is, I remember crossing over to The Other Side, or waking up just before I do – and it was always with someone else, someone I knew, but couldn’t place the face for the longest time. After Earl and I met, he appeared in the “someone else” role. What an ironic way to find out that you’ve met the kindred spirit that you’ve always dreamed of. I guess it’s an odd affirmation that Earl and I are suppose to be together.