Here we are winding up another weekend in our happ…

Here we are winding up another weekend in our happy little household. Woke up a little bit late this morning, 9:20 to be exact. I guess I just felt like sleeping in. Decided to go for a bike ride, so I was on the road at 9:50 from 2 hours and 20 minutes – ended up riding almost 25 miles around the area. Came home and weighed myself for my weekly weigh in, 194.5 pounds! Absolutely blew me away! I started my whole exercise/diet regime at 219 pounds, so I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment. I hope to stabilize at 190 lbs., I think I’m going to have to go below that for a little bit so I have a little room to fool around and finally stabilize at my intended weight.

Earl has started up golfing again. We went and bought him a new set of clubs yesterday, which seemed to make him quite happy. I’m glad that he’s getting out an enjoying the summer sun. Actually, we did quite a bit of shopping yesterday in Syracuse – I needed a new keyboard at work so I picked up the Microsoft Office keyboard. It has some extra buttons on it to make work easier – I bought it because I really liked the feel of it. The keyboard on my HP here at home is nice enough, though it is a bit mushy to type on. I’m very picky about keyboards.

Earl and I also went for a walk tonight, which was quite nice. We walked for 2 miles this evening after supper. I hope to do at more often as well, as we both seemed to have enjoyed it very much.

It’s very, very humid – it’s been that way all weekend. It is suppose to cool down considerably tomorrow night, so I’m planning on cycling to work on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We watched Big Brother today. It’s official. I’ve become obsessed, as I dreamed about being in the house with the rest of them last night. It happens whenever I get hooked on a reality show. I’ve dreamed I was on Survivor, I’ve dreamed I’m on the Amazing Race, now I’m dreaming I’m on Big Brother. I’ve also dreamed I’ve had a walk on role on Queer as Folk and Judging Amy. I guess television really gets to me.

We went to the movies last night and saw “Signs”. First of all, we went to the theatres in Carousel Center, which was a mistake because people are always rude and talking on their cell phones or just being plain inconsiderate. Then, sitting to the side and back of us was a mother of three with her children, including a NEWBORN baby! Why on earth would this woman bring these kids to a movie theatre? Then, to top it all off, I really didn’t care for the movie. I thought it was boring. It just sort of rambled on… We had an enjoyable sandwich at Au Bon Pain in the food court afterwards before heading home.

On the techy side, I’ve gotten really, really deep with my Palm m515. I’m really liking this. I picked up the Rand McNally atlas on chip last night and was messing around with it on the way home. I’ve also started reading ebooks and emagazines on their as well. Plus, I picked up Tetris for the Palm, which I love and have been playing away at that.

I’ve begun studying for the MCSA Exam 70-270 “Microsoft Windows XP Professional”. I’m taking the test first weekend in October. I’ll earn a MCP certification and then go on from there for the MCSA track. I really want to earn this certification, and it’s going to be my ‘project’ I concentrate on this winter.