For me, the key to maintaining my sanity during this COVID-19 crisis is to focus on my passion for aviation. I’m listening to podcasts, watching other people fly via Youtube videos, and I’m reading and trying to boost my skill set.

Non-aviation social media is a time sink for my frame and state of mind. I’m finding myself sucked into the screaming and carrying on around Bernie leaving the race and the latest thing Trump has done and what goofy thing Biden just said and it’s draining. It’s my own fault and the solution can be reached only after you’ve identified the problem.

I’m stir crazy. I realize this. I had big plans for flying this spring and along with the plans of everyone else, they’ve been put on hold. “Just sit back and relax”. The thing is, I’m not wired to do that. I’ll have time to sit back and relax when I’m six feet under. Living involves learning and learning enhances living and as far as I’m concerned if I’m not learning, I’m not living.

Learning is helping me maintain my sanity. What will I learn today?