I’m about a month into using a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 with Ubuntu Linux. I alternate use with my M2 MacBook Air, which is a luxury few people can afford. I’m grateful for this gifted laptop that was headed for the recycling bin.

Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3 LTS has been holding up remarkably well compared to previous experiences with Ubuntu Linux. Updates haven’t broken anything, with a few tweaks the default GUI leads to productivity, and the Surface Laptop 2 is a quality piece of hardware. Battery life could be better, but it’s not awful.

The experience is enjoyable but it is not as polished as MacOS. The Gnome Desktop comes close, but there’s some incoherence that I notice from time to time. And while it does have its problems, MacOS is yards ahead when it comes to integration with my other Apple devices. It’s nice to be able to take a photo with my iPhone and have it immediately available on my iPad Pro or MacBook Air. With Linux I’m reliant on Dropbox or my Western Digital MyCloud NAS that’s stationed back home.

A quick survey of this Starbucks indicates I’m the only one using a non-Apple device. I’m not getting glared at.