Dinner Out, Lights Out.

Jamie and Mike are out of town but the rest of us went out for ramen tonight. The restaurant is enjoyable and cozy. Lightning was flickering to the east and the sky was very, very black when we left the house, but we were headed toward the sun.

About 30 minutes into our experience a very impressive storm blew in. The power went out and remained out for the rest of meal.

The impressive storm had lots of rain and wind and lightning, and surprisingly, a bunch of hail. Lots of hail. Very loud and good sized hail.

We made our way back home where it looked like it hadn’t even rained. We drove through downed trees, rivers in streets, and made our way along back streets I hadn’t seen before due to a very large power pole down on Golf Links Rd., one of the main thoroughfares on this side of Tucson.

TEP (Tucson Electric Power) is going to be very busy tonight. At last glance over 20K locations were still without power.

The ramen was excellent, by the way. They asked if we could pay with cash, and as expected from a bunch of geeks in 2023, we didn’t have enough cash on us to pay the bill. They agreed to take Apple Pay on one of the server’s phones, and then they’d figure it out later. There was no way I was going to write down a credit card number on a slip of paper for later processing. No reason to think bad things would happen; I just am paranoid about security.

And again, the ramen was excellent.