With my 55th birthday on the horizon, and 55 being a really big number in my head, I thinking of this moment to be milestone, a stepping stone, a launching point. (I couldn’t think of another stone).

Up until age 50 I did my best to hide my eccentric thoughts and my quirky ways. I’ve probably not been that great at it, but I’ve used a lot of energy trying to subdue my impulses and different ways of thinking. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been told to thinking outside of the box, when I don’t even see a box, I haven’t found a box, and I’m probably not even in the same box as the box. “Look at the big picture” evokes the same response, what picture? What wall? Is it in a house?

As I turned 55 tomorrow (and it’s not official until the time I was born in the Eastern Time Zone back in 1968), I’ll be my more authentic self. That’s the way of 2023, right? Be your authentic self.