I always get nervous when I see things like “No Refrigeration Required” on items like mayonnaise. But here we are, looking at a container of mayonnaise with no refrigeration required.

It makes me wonder what’s added to the mayonnaise to not require the traditional methods of validation. Are there plastic beads? I know at one time we often heard, “better living through chemistry”, but I have this thing about food expiration dates and the freshness of my meal in general, so perhaps I’m extra sensitive to additives and things done to our food to make it last longer or through unnatural means.

Of course, refrigeration is just a gimmick to slow down the aging process of our food but over the decades I’ve learned to accept that. And I’ve put a *lot* of preservatives in my body over the decades, so I don’t know why I look at these bottles of no refrigeration required mayonnaise and wonder what they’ve done to it, so maybe I should just learn to accept progress.