So on Saturday I took my mid-2015 15-inch MacBook Pro to the local Apple store for the Recall Battery Replacement. Not to worry, when I get the computer back, I’ll have paperwork indicating the battery has been replaced and I should be allowed to take the computer on an airplane with me.

If the TSA or airlines can even tell the difference between all the various models of MacBook Pro.

Anyways, I am a few days into two weeks without my MacBook Pro and this experience is proving to me that I’m not ready to go all in on an iPad Pro as my primary computer. There’s quite a few folks in the tech columnist community who insist that we no longer need laptops or desktops, we should be able to do everything on an iPad. I would LOVE to believe them, because I agree that tablets are the way of the future, but I’m not sure we are there yet, even with me running the upcoming version of iPadOS on my iPad Pro.

The whole “app” paradigm feels oddly restrictive to me. I’m probably an outlier in this, maybe we really just need tablets, but the old school geek in my likes to go in and mess around with the terminal from time to time. I can sort of do that on my iPad using the Prompt app to get to my Mac Mini, but my Mac Mini is horrifically slow and the terminal is over there, not here on my iPad.

Perhaps I just need to stop thinking how things used to be and start thinking about how things can be. Maybe during these two weeks I’ll have a change of heart and start crowing about the virtues of using an iPad full-time. I know I tried to do so earlier this year but I always went back to my MacBook Pro.

Maybe being forced to use an iPad will finally make me switch.