It’s a new year and to celebrate, I am getting my yearly cold out of the way by getting it over with right at the beginning of the year. I woke up with the sniffles yesterday morning, but I wasn’t really feeling sluggish until later last night. This morning I woke up with the cold at full tilt; I slept for about 14 hours and haven’t done much throughout the day today. I’m not really complaining as the downtime is just what the doctor ordered.

Earl and I watched quite a bit of television today; we’ve been catching up on the first season of “Mom” via AppleTV. It’s a fun show to watch. This evening we watched “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”. With the advancements in entertainment technology there’s really no reason to go to a movie theater to deal with the buffoonery found amongst the audience in your typical American cineplex. Maybe I’m getting old and cranky.

I don’t really have any resolutions to share for 2016. I have a few goals that I have set: become an instrument rated pilot, lose a few pounds, ride at least 100+ mile bike rides during the warmer weather. The goals will never be reached without milestones, so I have set up some milestones to hit and I feel comfortable that I will do just that.

I’ve been reading up on my family’s genealogy a little bit over the past couple of days. I think one can build a better future if they know the past. I’m definitely a mutt pedigree. It explains a lot of things.