2014 06 12 12 10 30

Itís raining today here in Central New York. I should say that itís raining again, because after an absolutely stunning weekend, itís been raining a lot. And it isnít even interesting rain. Thereís no thunderstorms, no howls from the weather radio, no remarkable weather, just rain. The rain is suppose to continue through tomorrow.

The weather has me bummed, kind of like the ďitís the middle of FebruaryĒ bummed, but my mind is a little confused about this because after all, itís the middle of June.

I think the weather blues are being compounded by sleep deprivation. Our fine furry feline friend has decided that nighttime is no longer the right time for humans to sleep. He is content to yowl at loud decibels at all hours after midnight and when heís not yowling he is trying to sleep on my head. He is no longer content to sleep between Earl and me, he wants to be on my head. †As I am writing this blog entry, he is screaming at the door to go outside. I let him out and before I can make the three steps from the door to the chair, he is banging on the door to come back in. Perhaps he doesnít like the rain. I know I donít.

Always looking for the bright side of the situation, I should be happy that itís raining this week because if the weather was beautiful I would be very frustrated by the fact that the airplane is grounded for maintenance this week. Hereís to hoping that the airplane gets finished and the weather clears up at the same time.

I told Earl this morning that Iím ready for an adventure of some sort. Normally I would do a little bit of retail therapy, but as I grow older I feign more responsibility, and retail therapy is not responsible right now.

I just need to see some sunshine.