Earl and I have a vacation today tomorrow. Actually, later today, because it’s after midnight as I’m typing this blog entry. I am stoked because we have a vacation day on the same day and in the same city. He’s not in Buffalo, I’m not in the J-town. The jet set life has brought us to our lovely home at the same time.

We enjoyed a nice dinner together earlier this evening at one of our local haunts, a Greek restaurant called Symeon’s. The food was as good as always, though one does feel a tad bit rushed when they are there. They like to keep the people moving, I suppose. I had the fasolakia. I didn’t even have to look that up in order to spell it correctly. The iMac is complaining that I’m spelling it wrong, but I’m not. Okay, I’ll admit that the Greek appetizer platter was quite nice as well. I enjoy bits of eggplant and grape leaves.

Earl and I have no plans for the weekend. I have been wanting to find time to write because I haven’t been doing it enough lately. I find it a little bit frustrating, because I commute a total of about 2 1/2 hours a day but I have no way of writing down all the thoughts that are jumping around in my head. I commented to Earl today that I enjoy blogging during my lunch time, but I’m not completely comfortable with typing a blog entry on my iPad (even when I use the aluminum keyboard) because it just feels slightly awkward to me. The iPad is the bees’ knees for content consumption but it’s not quite there, yet, for content creation. I was thinking that I was going to make a case for some sort of laptop again but then I remembered that I already have a MacBook Pro and it’s currently in Buffalo with Jamie, who is DJing a party with it this weekend. My short term memory works like that lately.

I can’t really put my finger on the reason as to why I’m awake at the moment. I’m actually really tired, but the idea of being able to sleep in an extra day on this three-day weekend has me giddy with excitement. I have been doing some reading on a few tech journalists that I admire and trying to figure out how they do their thing so easily. I know they don’t blog on their iPads for the most part, they go the notebook route. I will probably have to do the same. Our friend Scott has one of the new 11-inch MacBook Air notebooks and I’m setting it up for him. It’s quite sweet but might be a tad small for my tastes. Jamie used to have a 13-inch MacBook but he gave that up for the iPad route. My MacBook Pro is a 15-inch model with the older style case (like my old PowerBook G4) and I really like it but sometimes it feels a tad big in the Acura. I wish the J-town had something like Panera where I could sit down for my lunch hour and be creative. The weather in these parts isn’t conducive to sitting at a picnic table. The snow drifts get in the way.

As I’m typing these random thoughts into this entry I’m reflecting on the blog entry I wrote earlier this afternoon, the one about giving thanks and not glossing over the Thanksgiving holiday in favor of the more popular Christmas season. During dinner I was quite excited to share some news about my work with Earl and he did the same. I told him that for the first time in a long while I have been able to come home and say without a trace of sarcasm in my voice, “I love my job”. I really do love my job and it’s a gig I hope to have for a long while. With Earl having his new career opportunities all over Upstate New York (they call him the Duke of the Thruway because of his offices being along the Thruway corridor), we have been having some thoughts as to how we are going to accommodate two careers in four different cities. It’s a challenge that we are both looking forward to come spring.

For now, I think it’s time to go to sleep, because this blog entry went in a different direction than I intended it to be.

Especially when my forehead bounced on the desk as I finally fell asleep.