Eat, Sleep, Work and Be Merry.

Tonight I am on call for the first time since returning to the Mr. Telephone Man gig. “Mr. Telephone Man” doesn’t really describe the gig that well anymore, since the telecommunications industry is now a mass of internets, tubes, wires, airwaves and assorted whatnot. (The whatnot usually occurs in the secret rooms deep within the basement of the telephone company).

The storms that have been blowing through for the past week have kept the department lively. So much for the dog days of summer. The weather has been so freakin’ freaky. Now I love me a good thunderstorm but it has been a constant rumble of thunder for the past 48 hours or so! I thought about mowing the lawn this evening but I didn’t know where to attach the water skis to the mower, so Earl and I opted to clean out the back bedroom closet in anticipation of my sister’s arrival. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that yet; my sister is expecting her first child in less than a month and since her hockey player husband will be playing in Switzerland this year and her hospital of choice is in the States (they live outside of Toronto), we’ve agreed to play host home for the next eight weeks or so while she has the baby and gets her footing with the little lad before heading to Switzerland to be with her hockey player husband.

When I first realised that I was on call tonight I was exceedingly tense. Earl was rolling his eyes not 15 minutes into the whole affair. It was then that I realised that it’s not worth the aggravation nor household stress so I decided to just roll with the punches and picture myself rolling in overtime dollars come pay day.

Maybe I’ll earn enough to make a loin cloth.