Rise and Shine!

It’s 5:45. It’s dark outside. It’s cold. It snowed last night.

The alarm clock beeps it’s happy little tune. Trying to cheat The Man, I felt smug as my alarm clock rang it’s cursed little tune at 5:31. That 5:31 was on purpose. Score one minute for the working folks.

I am desperately trying to smile. I’d settle for a pleasant thought. I’m still trying to remember my name. The ability to speak English would be groovy right now.

“Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens.”

When did “My Favorite Things” become a Christmas carol? Why do the corporate destroyed commercial radio stations play that song during an “all Christmas music” sweep? It’s not a Christmas song. It’s a song about being scared during a thunderstorm.

My dreams were really good until 5:31. The content would be worthy of a hidden blog post* that would melt the tubes that connect the internet together. That’s why I’m dazed and confused right now. The dreams were good. There’s still a smile on my face.


I’m starting to remember who I am. And what I do. And why I do it. I have no idea.

Pity the company that wants me to work at 7:00. I’m not really there until lunch.

Happy Friday.

*Moby does the hidden blog entry thing. I’m still trying to get it to work. Astute observers might see bits of a “test” entry from time to time. Thinking like a geek just woke me up.