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We Need A Puke Free Christmas.

I might be jinxing this by mentioning it but I do believe that Earl and I are going to have a puke free Christmas this year. Neither of us have been sniffling anywhere outside of the norm and there hasn’t been much in the way of coughing or throat clearing to raise any alarms. Perhaps the spell of someone being sick for the holidays has been broken. “Ha ha ha ha!” I yell, as I raise my fist to the air. “It’s a Puke Free Christmas!”

Keep your fingers crossed that I haven’t jinxed anything.

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  1. Ugh I didn’t have one. I think I ate bad food at my friend’s Xmas party but the majority of the bad side effects are hopefully gone now. I spent Xmas day all day lying in bed reading with the cat, and drinking iced mint tea, ginger ale, water, and eating some jello later in the day.

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