Random Thoughts During Lunch.

It’s a beautiful day in Upstate N.Y. today. The sun is shining brightly. The temperature is in the mid 50s. There are few clouds in the sky. I have brought along my lunch today, and I’m parked at the ball park that Earl and I frequently haunt during lunch. I was hoping to jump on someone’s wireless network with my notebook, but no such luck. I’m relegated to using WordPad and transferring the file over to my Mac tonight.

I’m really anxious about the arrival of my PowerBook. According to FedEx, it should arrive on Saturday, which I find somewhat odd, as I didn’t know that FedEx delivered on Saturday. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Earl’s iBook is on tap for Monday. His notebook was custom built, whereas I bought a ‘stock’ Powerbook. His is being delivered from Taiwan, mine is coming from California. I find that somewhat interesting.

Last night’s full moon with an eclipse display was breathtakingly beautiful. I took the opportunity to meditate a little longer than usual which cleared a lot of gunk out of my mind. I feel very alert and aware today, and I attribute it to my meditation last night. I also used the opportunity to affirm the spiritual path that I have chosen. I have this sort of ‘home-brewed’ spiritual path, taking different elements of Paganism, Wicca and Gnostic Christianity and building it all into my path, I suppose. I like to think that I speak directly to our Creator, whether God is a He, a She or a blending of the two. I respect all elements of nature, whether plant, animal or mineral. I’m finding myself eating a vegetarian diet again, but I’m not calling myself a vegetarian as I’m trying to shun the label associated with it. I guess I just don’t eat meat. I don’t need the pressure of living up to being called a vegetarian.

I am half-listening to the John McMullen show on Sirius Out Q 149 as I type this entry. I honestly can not wait until this election is over and the outcome is decided. However, I sincerely hope that George Bush is given his walking papers. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. A vote for George Bush is an affirmation that hate is o.k., that war is o.k., that high gas prices are o.k., and that big, individuality-crushing corporations are o.k. The man is evil. He does not deserve to be called Mr. President. He is not my President. I don’t know that I can be friends with anyone that is a staunch Republican because we honestly wouldn’t have that much in common.

I’m looking forward to Earl coming home from Ohio tonight. We’ll catch up on our few television shows (Judging Amy, Absolutely Fabulous, Charmed) and have a healthy supper. I’ll work out, as I’m committed to working towards that hard body I’ve always dreamed about.

Life is good. It’s nice to be free from complaints for a change.