The Birth of a Geek.

I am proud to say that after years and years of trying, Earl has jumped into Geekdom with me and started his own blog. It’s called “Cooking with Earl” and features pictures and recipes of his favorite dishes. He’s already posted two entries and is planning his third.

I had suggested the title “Adventures in Gastronomy” (I admit, I stole that from someone else – whom I don’t quite remember), but he didn’t see the humor in it whatsoever.

So it’s Cooking with Earl. Take a peek and drop him a line if you want. I’m sure he’d love the encouragement.

Speaking of encouragement, I’ve had the comments option available on my blog for quite a while and only my friend Thom cares to drop me a comment or two. If I was an egomaniac, I’d be miffed. 🙂

Plus, if you want to chat, you can reach me through AOL Instant Messenger and/or ICQ. My ICQ # is 125628700. I don’t know how that works with AIM or Netscape, but I’m told that it does.