Childlike Behavior.

O.k., I’ll come clean. I’ve been getting worked up about American Idol again. It’s Earl’s fault. He loves the show and insists on watching it. When he’s in Ohio, it’s easy to avoid. But he’s been home on “Idol Night” for the past couple of weeks and I’ve become “rehooked”.

I have to say, of the final three, I’m cheering for Fantasia Burrino, with Diana DeGarmo a really close second. While Jasmine Trias looks like a very sweet girl, the poor thing can’t sing her way out of a paper bag. Pitch issues should not be a consideration when you’re in the final 12, let alone the final three.

Of course I just can’t sit back and watch the show, I have to actually go on the American Idol message boards and throw in my two cents, repeatedly, and argue with pre-pubescent kids who are using their parent’s America Online account. I haven’t stooped so low as to start using grotesquely large purple letters, but my comments occasionally fall just short of “neener, neener, neener”.

To rationalize, there is a bright side, I suppose. It’s always good for the soul to let your inner child run free. Even if he’s an annoying brat yelling “neener, neener, neener” on the internet.