It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day.

After my miserable day yesterday, I had nowhere to go but up when it came to my mood. And I’m relieved to say that today was absolutely stellar compared to yesterday.

I started the morning by having a long chat with God again and it helped considerably. I kneeled in our formal living room on my meditation pillow. I closed my eyes. I cleared my mind. I felt surrounded by positive energy and a white light. Not a Star Trek transporter white light (though that would be way cool), but rather a pure, unadulterated white light. That was nice. While I had God’s attention, I asked for assistance in losing the last five pounds I wish to lose.

Surprisingly, I maintained my good mood and didn’t fall down in an emotional heap when I saw the car this morning…

Yes, Mother Nature decided to give us one more spurt of winter to the tune of 12-inches of snow. There are thunderstorms in the forecast for the weekend, so at least spring is on the horizon. Had it been yesterday, I probably would have had a major hissy fit about the weather, but today I just let it slide. Life is much too short to worry about things that you can not control. And besides, half of it melted by this evening.

Work was a breeze. Actually, it’s a hectic time. We’re airing a local hospital’s radiothon for the next three days, so there’s extra stress in the office as we’re trying to get the broadcast to happen without a hitch, while we raise $20,000, $5 at a time. It’s a great cause, and to the stress I say “piff”. Once I adopted that attitude, work was easy.

I was noticing the oddest things today. While I was trying to find the beauty in everyone, it seemed like I was seeing butt cracks everywhere. People leaning over in their chair. Secretaries leaning over the trash can. Here a crack, there a crack, everywhere a crack crack. I don’t think I’m enjoying this lo-riding pants fad very much. There’s no reason to share your crack.

To add to my cheery disposition, Earl told me tonight at supper that he’s cancelled his plans to go to Ohio this week. So he’s going to be home all the way through Monday. Very nice. I think I’m getting through this little bout of crankiness.