I think that I’m finally busting out of my cabin f…

I think that I’m finally busting out of my cabin fever mood. The weather has warmed up finally, with it topping 32 degrees today. Plus, the sun was out, which is always good. It’s suppose to warm up to 40 by the end of the weekend, and I find that quite exciting, because we’ll be able to open the kitchen door. The rain gutters are so clogged with ice that we can’t get the door open without doing a body slam into it. I think the cat finds us crazy the way we slam in and out of the house these days.

Work has been chugging along. It’s been interesting, because we didn’t have any water in the building for the past two days. I had to walk up the street to use the bathroom. Not a good thing after you’ve had a Wendy’s Chicken Bacon salad (bad for me, I know). And considering I work in a sixteen-story building, you wouldn’t really think that we’d lose water, but we did. Something about busted pipes and the bank flooding down below. Hopefully it shorted out our checking account and plopped more money in it.

Earl and I have decided to go on vacation after all. We are going the second week of March and we’re headed to Phoenix, Ariz. (and points south). I guess he admitted that he loves the desert as much as I do. We’re still pulling all the plans together, but I am really, really, really looking forward to it.

We’ve also decided to take Valentine’s Day off and just spend the day doing something for ourselves. Whether it’s a 20 hour car ride or going wild in a hotel room, it’s going to be just for the two of us. We like doing things like that.

I’ve been reading online about this yoga sinus draining thing. I find it intriguing – its suppose to cleanse your sinuses with salt water and get rid of any infection that may be starting. I might give it a whirl and see if I can clear up this stuffy feeling.

I’ve been grooving on Xena again. I feel guilty watching the “Oh” channel because it’s suppose to be for women, but I’ll take Xena however I can get her.

I’m going to surf the web and call it a night.