Well, after a hell of a day at work, I’m writing in my journal before calling it a night. I’ve come to decision to rid the workplace of as much Microsoft product as possible. That means reworking all the servers to Linux, but I think it’ll be worth it. Now my Microsoft Exchange server seems to be self-destructing. I haven’t done anything to it, just run back ups and that’s it. But it’s getting cranky on me, and it’s making me look bad and I don’t like it!

Talked to my mom tonight, she’s doing pretty good. She seems to be in good spirits, I’m glad she’s getting through this. My dad is having a Christmas gathering for his side of the family. That should be interesting to say the very least. He doesn’t cook. Everyone else is bringing the food.

Earl and I have decided to do our Christmas shopping out of town again, this year’s target: Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, N.H. We always go out of town for Christmas shopping because we’re more energetic and focused in unfamiliar territory; and I haven’t been to Pheasant Lane Mall since 1990 when I lived in New England, so we’re going to give that a whirl. 🙂

We watched “Survivor: Africa” tonight, and I don’t know why. This has to be the worse edition of Survivor. I don’t like any of the people on it. I couldn’t care less who wins the money. And I must say that Brandon is an absolute disgrace to gay society. He is soooooooooo stereotypically gay. Just what we need, a bearded drag queen running around squealing. And Lex is an absolute ass. They’re trying to make him be a good bad guy like Richard Hatch, but I’m not having any of it. He’s just a jerk. And at least Richard represented the gay world fairly well, he didn’t run around yapping about how cute Brad Pitt is (who isn’t in my opinion) and he could grow a decent beard.

Well I’m going to call it a night.