Ginger Hints.

In this photo taken at a ridiculous angle, you can still see the remnants of my ginger past in my mustache. The gray is winning the race for prominence but that’s OK because I’ve earned the gray.

A year ago I wasn’t ready to be a guy with gray hair. Today I don’t mind at all.


Last night I discovered that my large mustache has a habit of pushing down the mic on my headset when I’m flying an airplane. Not being able to talk to Air Traffic Control can be a problem. So, I need to figure this out.


Earl was watching “Chopped” this evening when he called me into the Great Room. He wanted me to see something on the show.

This is Paul. He is a New York City firefighter who is also a chef. I heard these details but I didn’t really pay close attention. I was busy noticing his mustache.

I told Earl I might be inspired to try again in 2013. He gave me “a look”.