Work It.

Earl and I have been working hard at the gym for the past couple of weeks and I still can’t get the hang of one specific thing: how to properly accessorize with my iPod.

The last time I went to the Apple store I picked up a Sportswrap for my iPod. My iPod is a couple of years old, so it’s a “traditional” one, being full sized and having a black and white LCD screen. But I love it and I don’t see myself replacing it for quite a while.

The problem is I keep getting tangled up in the earphones wire.

Tonight I was doing my thing on the treadmill, bopping along to a special 10 minute remix of “Hung Up/Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” when I realized that I had somehow wrapped my arm around the earpiece and I was pulling my head down towards my chest, while my iPod was coming unwrapped from my arm, making it look like I was jogging at an awkward pace with some sort of palsy (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But the only affliction I had was a poorly placed iPod.

I ended up jacking into a rerun of “Deal or No Deal” instead. Madonna will just have to wait.

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Today has been a day of getting chores done. Earl’s company vice president is coming into town to take a tour of his two plants on Monday and Tuesday, so he’s out of town getting his office outside of Albany in tip-top shape. To get all the logistics worked out, which involves a rental SUV, a corporate jet and an 18-minute flight from point A to point B (which takes about 90 minutes to drive), I ended up driving Earl to Albany and getting him settled in his hotel room. We went out for a little dinner while we were there and then I headed back home.

While he was packing and I was putting away laundry, I saw the box of clothes that have been anxiously awaiting the results of my fitness routine. I thought about it a minute and then said “what the heck”, and tried some of these clothes on.


There was no jumping across the room to land in the jeans. There was no lying down to fasten snaps, there was no fear of belts exploding off my waist. As I went through the clothes that were set aside back in 2004, I was delighted to see that my clothes were fitting nicely, boosting my confidence to new heights.

I guess the working out and eating healthy is finally paying off. I was so happy that I ended up doing cardio on the elliptical machine instead of the treadmill today at the gym. I found out the proper name for this beast, I’ve always referred to it as the “spastic thingee”. I welcomed the correction.

So I’m going to trudge on with the whole health thing and focus on staying in my “thin” clothes and building up some muscle and stamina. My goal is to be able to do a backwards flip by running up a tree (like that new Visa commercial) on my birthday in mid July.

Or at least a three day, 200 mile bike ride.

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Solo Act.

Earl is out of town on business tonight so that puts me in bachelor mode. I’ve been looking forward to going to the gym all day (get up off the floor, it’s not that unbelievable) so after eating a relatively healthy dinner and letting that digest for a little bit, I made the trek to the gym where I decided it would be a cardio night.

I started out on the treadmill, doing about 25 minutes. I know, seasoned gym people would say “big deal”. Oh well, I’m just starting this whole gym thing again. I ran half of the routine and walked at a fairly good clip for the remainder of it. Somewhere long ago I read that you should alternate between walking and running so your heart rate goes up and down, up and down, forcing it to work harder and do more good things to your body.

Thank the universe I don’t have hair because had I shaken a head full of hair I would have showered those around me with sweat. I think I turned 18 shades of red. I don’t like to think I was soaked, rather, I glistened.

Feeling all limber and whatnot, I decided to try one of those glider thingees that swings your arms and makes like you’re a gazelle. I did that thing for 10 minutes. More sweat, more glistening.

After then getting on a cross country machine and basically spazzing out because it wanted to swish when I wanted to swoosh, I decided to calm down a bit, gulp a 24 oz bottle of water and head to the locker room.

As soon as I walk into any locker room, in my mind I am transported back into junior high school when I was all intimidated by the upperclassmen we had to share the room with. There are big, buff guys everywhere, peppered with a few older guys that have obviously done nothing but maintain their health their entire lives. Men are shootin’ the breeze, showering (don’t look too long!), shaving and getting ready to go lift weights or head home after lifting every weight in the place. Then there’s me and I can’t shake that image of myself I had when I was 13 – scrawny with a paunch, unable to grow any sort of facial or body hair and thinking that my homosexuality is glowing like a neon light. Of course, it’s just paranoia doing it’s thing because no one even notices that I’m in the locker room with them. Besides, the paunch is disappearing, the flame is kept to a low pilot light and I have a full beard now.

I guess I’m just one of the guys now.

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Well Earl and I went ahead and did it. After thinking about it, mulling it over and analyzing it from every possible angle, we laid down the cash and went ahead and did it.

We both joined the gym this afternoon.

Look out world, here comes the fierce Dynamic Duo.


Well I finally got serious about working out tonight and moved my “exercise gear” out of the computer room and into the basement. Everything is arranged nicely; CD player strategically mounted with workout music like “Baby Love” by Regina, “Everytime You Touch Me” by Moby and “Come To Me” by France Joli. I picked up these workout shorts that are suppose to make you sweat a little more than usual while you’re doing your thing, and I have an old computer strategically placed so I can watch a workout DVD or web feed when the timing is right.

I had forgotten how energizing exercise really is. Bring it on baby. Bring it on!


Well after sleeping almost 10 hours last night I can say that I’m feeling better this morning. I awoke around 6:45 a.m. to find the sheets soaked in sweat, I think that means my fever broke which has to be a good thing, right?

I’m still not feeling 100%, but I’m definitely headed in the right direction.

Abs? Please Hold.

For a person that refuses to get sick or even acknowledge any sort of sniffles, I’m really sucking at being healthy this weekend. I’ve had the sniffles since Friday night, hoping that extra rest would shoo them away so I’d be on my game for work this week. As of right now (Sunday, 7:48 p.m.), my head is pounding and I feel feverish. We don’t own a thermometer, since having one would admit that you get sick, but I’m guessing my temperature is around 99, which is high for me since I usually cook at 95 or so. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why my temperature is always so low but it always has been. So 99 for me is a fever.

Earl and I drove to Dick’s Sporting Goods today so that I could pick up some equipment I’ve been researching online. I’m ready to start working on building muscle now, since my weight loss has gone well, so I eagerly picked up some stretchy bands (sorry I’m not too technical), some weights and a chin up bar designed to hold up to 300 pounds and possibly decapitate anyone over 6 foot 7 inches.

I really want to work out tonight! I really do. But my subconscious, and further research on the internet, is telling me that I should hold off until I feel more like more normal self (cooking at 95 or so).

I was really trying hard to ignore this cold today. Earl and I cleaned the downstairs, caught up on laundry and made the trek to the mall. I was hoping that I could say “Ha! I’m not going to be sick!”

Alas, the abs will have to wait a few days.


Work It.

Work It.

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After eating healthier for the past two weeks, this morning I decided to add some working out to my routine.

I felt like was killing myself as I lifted weights and did some sit ups. I can’t wait for spring so I can hit trails and road with my bike. I’m hoping to do some major long distance cycling this summer.

I felt better this morning after working out, now it’s just a matter of making it a habit.

Taquito Seniorito.

You know I’m just craving some wickedly delicious fast food when I spend time looking at a web site like this.

Chick-Fil-A waffle fries, a chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets with Polynesian Sauce anyone?

No Cheating.

With the buzzing off of my beard this morning and the positive energy I’ve got flowing through this body of mine, I decided that I need to stop cheating my way around. My way around food, that is.

For the past couple of years, I’ve drank Diet Pepsi in lieu of regular Pepsi. I’ve mentioned from time to time that I want to give it up as it wreaks havoc with my body and energy levels and such.

While Earl and I were down with his family this past weekend, his Aunt Olive and I got into a discussion about Aspartame and it’s namesakes – “NutraSweet”, “Equal”, “Splenda”, etc. I’ve always known in the back of my head just how bad this stuff is for you, but I did a little research online and just ran across horror story after horror story of what it actually does to your body. Research is showing that Aspartame consumption is bringing on blindness, ringing ears, forgetfulness, seizures, MS and lupus in individuals. It’s also wreaking havoc in kids, bringing on diabetes while kids are still in their single digits!

That doesn’t sound like “Better Living Through Chemistry” to me.

This morning when I awoke and amplified my change in attitude by shaving off my beard, doing a little yoga, etc., I decided that I would go 60 days without using a chemical substitute in my diet. No Splenda. No Aspartame. No diet soda (actually, no soda at all). No Olestra. (Actually, that last one is pretty easy since there’s no ’emergency trees’ in my office cubicle.) If I’m going to ‘splurge’ and have a soda, then it’s going to be the real deal and I’ll just pay the price in calories and at the dentist.

My new slogan is “Sugar Free? Not for me!”, since sugar free usually means “chemical substitute”.

Reading up on the effects of aspartame has led me to some bad things about dairy products. I need to do a little research there again and refresh my memory. But I do wonder how our ancestors stored and consumed the vast amounts of dairy products that we do, considering they had no refrigeration or anything like before the last 120 years or so. It does make one wonder…

I think it’s time to hit the natural foods section at the market again.