The Jig’s Up.

After trying to skirt the questions Earl has been asking me the past 24 hours, I finally had to give in and tell him about the surprise I was planning.

He’s in Indianapolis for training and was planning on coming home Friday morning. After he was settled in Indy, he realized that there was an earlier flight that was leaving Thursday afternoon and though it would cost more money, he was going to change his flight home. I advised that flying through Chicago sucks. I told him he’d end up driving home from the airport in the middle of the night. He responded with a “So what?!?” I ended up telling him that I had a present arriving for him on Thursday and he’d have to stay until Friday to enjoy it.
yond That present would be me.

After I finish this blog entry, I’m packing up the PowerBook, packing up Tom and loading up the Jeep for an all night ride to Indianapolis, after I drop Tom off at his Gram’s. It’s been a very long time since I’ve gone on a road trip like this, all night long, but I am psyched beyond belief. Not only am I going to be driving uncharted territory, but I’m getting to meet up with Earl so that we can do a little midwest Jeep tour this weekend!


I’ve recently abandoned using “My Yahoo!” as my start page for my web browser. There were too many pop-ups and it was just too busy. I’ve opted to use Google instead, with the personalized option turned on. While quite functional, helpful and well suited to my needs, it’s missing two key ingredients.


Close To Home.

I can’t seem to get my day started without a peek at these two cartoons. I always enjoy the artistry of Close To Home, and the sense of humor behind the ink. And Garfield… well, as a cat lover I always appreciate the humor in Garfield’s thought bubble and as a fan of food and naps, I always appreciate a cat that can carry both off so well.

I need to find a new outlet for both, without the aid of a newspaper. The challenges we face during work.

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Sticky Tonight.

It’s another hot and humid summer night in beautiful Upstate N.Y. I can’t seem to remember the last time it was so hot for so long around here. Of course, we’re waiting until fall to buy the central air conditioning for the house (Caution! Saving Money currently in progress!), so next summer it’ll be damp and cool I’m sure.

I think Tom has the right idea – lie on your back, paws in the air, fur fluffed and everything hanging out in front of the fan. I think I’ll try the same.

A Clever Scheme.

I’ve been occupying my thoughts for the past 18 hours or so by cooking up a clever little plan for the end of this week. I’d love to share the details, but I can’t at the moment, because the pieces haven’t fallen together, but when this all comes to fruition I’m sure all parties involved will be just giddy.

# # #

Even though we were just on vacation a month ago, I’m already primed to hit the road again. Earl is out of town this week, he’s in fabulous Indianapolis and won’t be back until Friday night. We’ve already made plans to visit friends in Buffalo this weekend, so there will be some mileage and stretching of the legs there.

Tonight I’m having dinner with an online friend. We’ve chatted via e-mail back and forth for the past year or so and finally found time to actually meet face to face. It’s the second time I’ve actively went out and met an online friend in the past couple of months. I hope I don’t come across as the clod I fear myself to be. I was hesitant to go with Earl out of town, but he told me to stop moping around the house just because he’s gone on business and to get out and do something. So I am.

I’m sure it’ll be a good time.

Shifting Gears.

I’ve been rather sedentary in my ways this summer in that I haven’t gotten out on my bike and hit the road like I have in the past. I don’t know why I’ve been hesitant to ride, but I’ve been feeling the affects of slacking off a little bit in that I just feel out of shape.

I decided to get my ass in gear this past weekend and went for two bike rides, 15 miles on Saturday and then 25 miles on Sunday. Both rides were extremely enjoyable and I’m planning on going for another ride tonight after work.

One of the reasons that I haven’t been riding as much is because we live on the side of a hill. It’s either a long climb right as I leave out of the driveway, when my legs are just warming up, or it’s a long climb to get home, a clever punctuation to a long journey. But while I complain about climbing the hill to get home, knowing two furry faces are waiting for my arrival (Earl’s and Tom’s) makes it all worthwhile.

I’m finding myself on the canalway trails more and on the road less, simply because I’ve become less tolerent of the motoring public. People are paying less and less attention to cyclists on the roads these days and you have to stand firmly on your ground if you want to avoid getting hit. Act like a car and you’ll be treated with respect. Act like a coward and you’ll be squashed like a bug.

I hope to do a day long ride before the snow flies. I’d really like to do an overnight ride before the snow flies; perhaps I’ll do a “falling leaves tour” of sorts and enjoy the scenery.

I may have jumped on the bike a little late this year, but the scenery is wonderful from my two wheels.