Catch The Moment.

Lunch Time Sunshine.

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Tom and I took a little sun in during lunch today. He was busy watching a bird instead of looking at the camera.


While waiting for some software at work to do its thing, I stumbled across a “fan film” based on Star Wars today. It’s called “Star Wars: Revelations” and takes place between Episodes 3 and 4. It was filmed for around $20,000 yet the cinematography is out of this world. I was very impressed. It’s free to download (and it’s legal too!) and quite enjoyable. You can find it here.

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This Bloggin’ Is Bitchin’.

When I was a kid, I always had to be reading something. The newspaper, a magazine, my grandmother’s “old ladies’ paper” (Enquirer, Star, etc.), a sci-fi book… it didn’t matter, if I wasn’t watching television or goofing off in the back 40, I was reading something. My mother one time came down as we were all getting ready for the day and I was sitting on the toilet reading the phone book. (Don’t ask why she walked on me while I was sitting on the john, now that I look back on it it seems kind of odd.) When you grow up in a small town like Pulaski, N.Y., there’s not much of a phone book to read, but I like to think that reading that phone book prepared me for my present career as a telephone man.

Anyways, I’ve found my reading habit has translated well to the world of bits and bytes. I am adding more and more blogs to my blog roll on a daily basis. I’ve shunned making fun of people in the reality television message boards and usenet groups in favor of peering into the life of someone else that is living their life out loud on the internet. Why audition for CBS when you can put it all right here, forever archived on a computer backup tape?

I have a feeling that my current enjoyment in blogging will continue. I find it all so fascinating. People talking about comics, men talking their latest conquest, writers sharing their latest toys. It’s a wonderful way to keep your finger on the pulse of the people.

It’s also a great outlet for rambling on about the most trivial of things. It’s right up my alley.

Hit The Ground Running.

There’s a certain feeling of adventure when you tackle your morning routine with an unbridled sense of urgency. I’ve mentioned that I enjoy my sleep very much. I try to sleep until the last possible second before getting ready to take on the day. It’s not because I’m dreading getting up or anything, I just enjoy my sleep.

Jumping onto IM before taking a shower is always dangerous. You see one of your friends online, say hello, and then the merriment starts. When you’ve slept until the last possible moment and then hit the ground as a social butterfly, instead of a productive member of the American workforce, you can run a little late. So you slap two pieces of turkey between mustard laden bread, give the cat his piece of turkey, drink a glass of cranberry juice, eat a bowl of raisin bran while taking a shower at the same time (kidding), shave and brush your teeth while sitting on the john (still kidding), iron your clothes while you’re wearing them (am I kidding?), kiss the cat, put on the pager and then jump into your car and fly down the expressway at 80.

I love mornings.


For The Love Of Video.

Ain’t technology grand. I’m finding myself using iChatAV more and more these days. Now my mother is on there (through AOL Instant Messenger) and we’re video chatting back and forth. Once my sister gets her internet connection going while she’s in Russia, it will be a much cheaper way to keep in touch!

My little indicator over there on the right side of my blog page lets you know when I’m online if you want to drop a line and say hello.

Now I have to remember to keep my clothes on.

Crockpot Goodness.

Keeping within the Domestic Diety theme of the week, I got up early this morning and got a head start on preparing tonight’s supper.

Now that you’re back upright after falling on the floor, shall I continue?

Earl does most of the grocery shopping for our happy little household. He likes to go to the big supermarket that’s reasonably close to us (it’s called Hannafords), put on his iPod and buy the necessities for the week. I usually drop a fair number of hints of what I’d like so that I can get in on the Emeril game and he obliges. This past Sunday I mentioned that it might be fun to fire up the crockpot again and get into autumn mode. He picked up the necessary ingredients for a couple nights of crockpot fun.

Tonight we are having pork tenderloin with carrots, potatoes and celery. He picked up this little seasoning packet that made the whole process so easier. Just slice, dice, cut, add water and spices and set the crockpot to auto-shift. Even a fool like myself can do it.

I much prefer having to put out the extra effort to do things this way rather than finding some microwave-able frozen dinner, pulling back the cellophane and punching in “5-0-0” on the keypad and hoping for something good to come out of it. I’ve mentioned before that though I grew up with the Radarange/microwave, I don’t really trust it and they’re going to find that it’s bad for you any time now.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s crockpot dinner. I’m so giddy I could hug the crockpot itself.

Now I think I’ve gone a little overboard.

Top of the iPod.

No gig this week, but here’s the top of my iPod selections this week:

  1. “Pure Imagination (Wonka Trance Edit)”, Ford.
  2. “Proud”, Heather Small. (formerly of M-People)
  3. “Love On My Mind”, Freemasons.
  4. “Listen To Your Heart”, B.H.T.
  5. “Come Rain, Come Shine”, Jenn Cuneta.
  • Honorable Mention: “Be My World”, Milky.


I’ve been goofing around remixing Madonna’s “Vogue” (for personal enjoyment of course) but I’ve found my efforts to be missing something. Then while catching up on my daily blog reading, I found the answer on OPIEblue’s blog. Julie Brown! The answer lied in dumping one of her songs into the middle of “Vogue” and that song would be Julie Brown’s “Vague” from her movie “Medusa: Dare to be Truthful”. I find the lyrics to be a scream:

Strike A Pose … Vague!

Vanna White, Ed McMahon
Nicolette Sheridan
Mary Hart, Chuck Woolery
Are as vague as they can be.
Brooke Shields, Dawber Pam
Personality of Spam
Wilson Philips love to sing and
Wreck the cover of a magazine
Christie Brinkley, Brosnan Pierce
Bland and boring, something fierce.
Daniel Quayle’s brain is gone.
Debbie Gibson gives good yawn.
Kelly LeBrock thinks she’s great
She’s just cold boogars on a paper plate
Why they’re famous we don’t know, but
Paula Abdul’s gotta go
Ladies with no point of view,
fellas who don’t have a clue
Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it
Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it
Vague, let your body move without thinking
Vague, let your body move without thinking, Hay Hay Hay!

Surprise, It’s Monday.

For it being Monday and all I’m am quite surprised at what a positive, upbeat mood I’m in today. The sun is out, work is going well for the most part and best of all, “I feel pretty”.

I might have to make this a Kodak moment later tonight.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Being on call this weekend has given me some well needed extra time around the house. I’ve kicked my “domestic god” into high and can say with great triumph that right now the hamper, washer and dryer are all empty. That gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling

I also took the opportunity to get back into baking mode. There’s something about the fall winds that sing “cheesecake! pies! cookies!” to me so naturally I had to indulge myself. In a way, it was Earl’s fault. He made a delicious homemade chicken soup in the crockpot this morning so I felt compelled to follow up with dessert. Hence, chocolate chip cookies.

Whenever I bake I’m reminded of my paternal grandmother. She was a good ol’ “farm wife” in that she baked her own bread, cookies and pies, made her own stews, soups and sauces and lots of other stuff as well, canned vegetables every fall, sewed her own dresses and held down a part-time job with the family business all at the same time. My grandmother was a fabulous cook. As a kid I used to go next door to her house after school to enjoy some milk and cookies. She would take time out of her schedule to watch ‘Bewitched’ and ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ reruns with me, sometimes doing the ironing or folding laundry while doing so. Looking back, it seemed like she baked every day. We continued to eat her cookies from the freezer for several months after her death. Earl never met my grandmother, but he did have the opportunity to have some of her cookies. After she passed away I found some of her recipes, pulled them out, copied them all down and the put them back where I found them. Using her recipes while baking is keeping her legacy alive.

As adults, my sister and I have said that we were lucky in that we have diverse grandmothers. While my aforementioned grandma could bake with the best of them, our maternal grandmother wasn’t big in baking, but she could grow plants and vegetables and she could knit, sew and crochet with the best of them. Need a doily to cover Arkansas? Need an afghan to cover up your car? Not a problem, she could whip both up in a week.

I made 4 1/2 dozen cookies today. But unlike my grandmother’s cookies, these won’t be around long enough to freeze. Bon appetit!


Handwriting Analysis.

Jumping in with the cool kids today, I’m following fellow blogger Terry’s lead and posting a sample of my handwriting. I don’t think my penmanship is terribly bad, but its not as good as it would have been had I continued my pursuit of a career in education.

I tried to follow Terry’s lead and write something dirty, but I kept blushing.