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Power Nap.

Adjusting back to a regular schedule is always a little difficult for me, especially on Mondays like today, when it’s a little gloomy outside and I’m working the 7 a.m. shift. But this morning I circumvented my morning crankiness by doing something a little different.

I took a 15 minute nap.

Ten minutes after getting out of bed.

I did quite a bit of web work last night until 11:30 or so before deciding I should get to sleep. I’m wired for nighttime and last night was no exception. I could have easily stayed up another three or four hours but I would have been nothing short of a mess today at work, so I decided I better get some sleep so I can at least feign productivity.

I really don’t like going to sleep when I’m not tired.

Nevertheless, I slept straight through the night, save for an incoherent discussion with Earl regarding the current time (this was around 3:30) and jolted away when the alarm rang at 5:30. When Tom hears that alarm ring, it becomes a no holds barred free-for-all, because as far as he’s concerned, I can hold it just a little longer and I don’t need to put any clothes on, he wants his kibble NOW. He barks more orders than an Army drill sergeant. So I went and blindly poured some cat food into his bowl, checked my e-mail and then decided I’d take a nap on the futon until 6:00.

I felt wonderful afterwards and the contentedness has carried with me throughout the day.

I think I’m going to start each sluggish day with a power nap. I highly recommend it.

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To The Max.


One of my favorite television shows of all time is “Bewitched”. I’ve seen every episode of the classic series at least 20 times and can tell the difference between a complete episode, an early syndicated version, an 80s syndicated version or a TV Land edited version just by the flow of the scenes and the presence of key scripted lines. (Syndicated copies have lines and sometimes complete scenes edited out to make room for more commercials.)

As a Bewitched fanatic, I’ve done a lot of reading and collecting over the years of various Bewitched memorabilia. I hope to have the opportunity to visit the famous Stephens house on a Hollywood backlot in Burbank someday. I wish I had the opportunity to shake hands with Elizabeth Montgomery and the other players to thank them for their contribution to mainstream America.

It’s a fun show to watch.

While I’ve always been enchanted with the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery, over the years I’ve come to appreciate the work ethic displayed by and later documented about the mysterious Agnes Moorehead. A character actor if there ever was one, Ms. Moorehead found no role too tough to tackle and she always put every ounce of her ability into the task, even if it was just a small part on “Love American Style”.

Her take on her craft was simple. “I love the illusion”, she would say with a big flamboyant wave of her arms. She believed that one should always work; be it good or bad, do it to the best of your ability and learn something from it and be a better person because of it.


I like to think that I’ve learned that myself over the years.

Tonight I watched a couple of episodes of Bewitched from the third season, “It’s Wishcraft” and “The Crone of Cawdor”, both stand-out episodes from a particularly strong time for the series. (Even at it’s worst, “Bewitched”, and most comedies of it’s time, far surpassed anything we see on television today). I couldn’t help but notice that Ms. Moorehead was always attentive and always playing Endora, even if she was in the background of a particular scene, far from the focus of the camera. She took her job seriously, she played it to the max and she did it well.

I think that’s a nice approach to have about work come tomorrow morning.

Rest in peace Elizabeth, Dick, Dick and Agnes. We miss you.

Get It Done.

The productivity continued today, but thankfully nothing in the house exploded, leaked or gave off an odd odor. Today’s fun was limited to catching up on laundry, doing some needed household shopping and basically getting things around the house in order.

We did get to the gym yesterday after taking the past couple of days off. I relied on the iPod instead of the television for distraction from the workout – for some reason I was totally inspired by Dolly Parton’s version of “Peace Train.” I had to rememeber not to sing out loud.

Home Improvement Explosion.

Today, Earl and I had planned on cleaning out the Jeep and getting ready for our trip out west next week, but our house decided to let us know that it wanted a little bit of attention.

Shortly after lunch, Earl was catching up on e-mail and I was working on web development stuff. We were just getting ready to head to the gym when we heard water. A lot of water. Spraying all over the place. Somewhere downstairs.

The washing machine had stopped running about 10 minutes prior to the new sound but the dishwasher was still chugging along doing it’s thing.

We both ran downstairs and found the hot water supply hose to the kitchen sink had broken. Hot water was spraying all over the kitchen. The tide was coming in, quick. I ran downstairs and turned off all the water in the house, since I couldn’t grab the hot water shut off valve under the sink without getting burned.

Earl thanked me by trying to flush a toilet.

We did what any sensible home owner would do. Instead of taking a half hour to replace the broken hose and getting on with our day, we went shopping at Home Depot.

Long story short, the new stainless steel faucet on the kitchen sink is beautiful, the new garbage disposer will help in a fabulous way with the clean-up after meals and the new Jenn-Air dishwasher arrives on Wednesday.

Quite frankly I was happy to throw out that old kitchen faucet the previous owners had put in when they built the house; it was quite stylish but the water came out in a trickle and it was entirely too pretty for my tastes.

I’m happy to say that we’ve both learned a lot in the past decade as we were able to work together as a well oiled team and we got the job done in about five hours. There was no swearing, no glaring and no launching of tools at the other member of the party. It was done calmly and rationally.

When the house speaks, we listen.

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Twi Martoonis.

Earl and I met up with my sister last night for dinner and just a fun night out on the town. Our destination was my beloved Syracuse.

We went to The Bull and Bear Pub for dinner. It was our first time there. The food was great, the beer was great and the conversation was even better.

We then went for a walk and looked at that apartment building that Earl and I had discovered in January to see how the renovations were progressing. It’s not open yet, but it looks like there’s been progress, including a quaint little market at street level that looks like it belongs in a big city. I guess it fits reasonably well in Syracuse.

After our little walk we went back over to Hanover Square and tried out a martini bar called World Lounge and Martini Bar. I have to admit that was my first time in a ‘martini bar’. I went fu-fu and opted for a “chocolate martini”. Creamy.

I ended up having three.

I don’t know how Darrin, Darrin, Samantha, Endora and Larry and Louise Tate did it night after night and sometimes for lunch. I now have more respect for them.

I’m not a huge drinker. I like a beer or two during the week, but my martini experience has been limited to a sake martini at P F Changs about a year ago and one other “regular” martini at a chain restaurant that tasted more like it was unleaded. When I drink beer, I wake up after one, buzz after two and slur after three. When it comes to alcohol I’m a lightweight. I know my limits and I respect them and they respect me.

These three chocolate martinis were clever. They tasted like dessert, went down like chocolate milk and then snuck up from behind, hitting me with a buzz like no other. I was hit so hard by these drinks that I let Earl drive the Acura! Now that’s just plain fscked up. (just kidding).

So I downed the three martinis, Jenn had two of the same and Earl was drinking key-lime martinis. They both stayed relatively grounded while I crawled under the coffee table back at Jenn’s for a nap. Earl ended up driving home and I slept the entire ride and for about a half hours afterward because he couldn’t get me out of the car. That could be heresay though because I don’t remember anything after getting in the car and explaining to him how much I love the car and the fact that I love him and the two are about neck and neck so he better be careful.

I woke up 8 1/2 hours later. I feel very rested and without a hangover. I hope that doesn’t sneak up on me like the buzz did.

Good To The Last Drop.

For lunch today I had a small helping of pasta rigatoni. As I’m catching up on my daily blog reading and absent-mindedly eating my lunch, I suddenly realized that I was scraping the plastic bowl with my fork and toying with the idea of setting the fork down and licking the bowl.

Oh my goodness lunch was tasty today.

Earl and I are meeting my sister for supper tonight. I hope I remember not to lick the plates.

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Superhero Geek.

Oh Mighty Isis

I think it’s pretty clear that I am a complete superhero geek. I’m not into comic books so much as into the live-action stuff. I often feature John Davey’s “Captain Marvel” as eye candy, but I must say that JoAnna Cameron as “Isis”/”Andrea Thomas” has one of the most beautiful speaking voices I’ve ever heard. Small wonder she has the World Record for appearing in the most commercials ever!

“Oh, my Queen,” said the royal sorcerer to Hatshepsut. “With this amulet, you and your descendants are endowed by the goddess Isis, with the powers of the animals and the elements. You will soar as the falcon soars, run with the speed of gazelles, and command the elements of sky and earth.”

Three thousand years later, a young science teacher dug up this lost treasure and found she was heir to The Secret Of Isis. And so, unknown to even her closest friends, Rick Mason and Cindy Lee, she became a dual person: Andrea Thomas, teacher, and Isis, dedicated foe of evil, defender of the weak, champion of truth and justice.

Yes, I just typed that in by memory. And I have always loved the theme song, especially the flute playing in the lower register.

Here, have some video.

I’m *really* looking forward to the day that Isis comes out on DVD. At least it’s been officially announced and it’s in the good hands of Andy Mangels. Now if Universal would only release the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman on DVD in the states!

Little Things.

Sometimes it’s the little things that makes the day go much better than originally anticipated. This week has been an early week for me at work- getting up at 5:30 to be to work by 7:00; I’m just not wired to do that. So it’s a struggle. And sometimes some surliness crawls into the struggle to make it much more interesting for those around me.

I had a trouble call from our main office come in. The person calling in the trouble was rather short with me and that sort of pisses me off because I like to think that we’re all in the same team, regardless of rank or serial number in the company. I bit my tongue and refrained from being overly snarky but it did dampen my spirits a bit.

We’ve had an equipment vendor in all week providing training for inside and outside technicians on a rotating class schedule. I appreciate the fact that we do get this sort of training because I love hanging achievement certificates on my cubicle half wall and I feel like I’m exercising my mental muscles a little bit. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet up with the outside techs, as usually they are just a voice on a tin-can at the other end of the string.

One of the techs came in to my cubicle to say hello and just shoot the bull a little bit, and she made a point of telling me that she’s happy when she gets me on trouble calls because I can always be counted on. That statement right there did wonders for my mood, my ego and negated any bad vibes I had this morning from the other trouble call that came in.

This warm, bright April day just got a little brighter.


Share And Share Alike.

So I had just finished a pretty good workout at the gym tonight when I decided that I would take a shower in the locker room. The showers are configured with stalls instead of the old pole-style showers and there was another guy taking a shower in the stall closest to the door so I went down to the second to the last shower from the back. I did my usual thing of hanging my towel outside the stall.

I was busy enjoying my shower when I turned around and realized that the man that was in the other shower stall had finished and was padding in his bare feet out of the shower area and headed back to his locker. He then turned around, and came over and DRIED HIS FACE AND HAIR ON MY TOWEL.

He looked at me smiling when he did it.

Now there’s no towel service at our gym. Each person brings their own towel. I also bring a basic white towel because I like a basic white towel when I’m doing my thing in public.


Since he was grinning, my first instinct was “Oh my God I’m going to have a gay moment at the gym.”

I then got myself under control (thinking of dead grandparents usually keeps the equipment in check in the locker room) and realized that I never have a clue if someone is making a move on me so I just looked at him and went about my business. He then left the shower area and went about his business.

Apparently his hair was dry.