Monday, Monday.

I find Mondays to be so interesting. I’m usually dog tired because I’ve screwed up my sleep patterns over the weekend, opting to stay up late and sleep in during the weekend. And where does the term “dog tired” come from anyways? It seems like it would be “cat tired”, as its cats that sleep 2/3 of the day.

But I digress.

This morning I was up at 6:00 a.m. to resume my walking. I briefly thought about sleeping in and just saying the hell with it, but I felt too guilty and too fat to just lie in bed and to resume my dream. They say guilt is a feeling from within. No one can make you feel guilty, you allow yourself to feel guilty.

I’m apparently very good at this.

So I hauled myself out of bed, threw some kibble in Tom’s bowl and hit the open road, where approximately four surly drivers, who undoubtedly were not happy it was Monday morning, aimed their big ass SUVs at me.

Tomorrow I’m selecting a different route.

When Earl and I were contemplating moving 18 months ago, I vowed that we would not move to a busy road again. Our old house was on a state route which was frequently traveled by large trucks, small cars and prisoners escaping the local prison. Walking on the road was not enjoyable, as the speed limit of 55 was all but ignored and no one in this area really is a good driver of any fashion. Except myself, of course.

So here we are on a county maintained route, which is curvier, not as wide and signed for a speed limit of 45. The speed limit is still ignored, the drivers still suck and to top it all off, we’re closer to the “suburbs” which means yuppies shaving and/or putting on makeup whilst driving to work. At least in the old house we were out in farm country where people rarely showered, let alone shaved and/or put on makeup.

Oh calm down, I’m exaggerating about the farm people. But you get my drift. I can see the e-mail now. “I’ve lived on a farm all my life and I am a clean, respectable human being.” I know, I know, and I probably find you sexy too, sweat and all.

Anyways, after my joyous walking experience I headed off to work which was rather pleasant. Everyone says “It’s Monday”. “Happy Monday.” I try to be as pleasant as possible, though I do feel like I’m nodding off because my sleeping pattern is getting back on track. I actually wake up around 11:06 a.m. “Wow! I’m at work!” Then I get productive.

Now that I think about it, Monday only differs from the rest of the week in that I jerk awake around 10:54 instead of 11:06.

But it’s all good. I try desperately not to look ahead to the upcoming weekend. It seems like it’s just looming on the horizon. For if you wish for nothing but the weekend, then you’re not enjoying your week. Then time flies by and before you know it, you’ve done nothing but wish time away.

I hope you everyone had a wonderful Monday.

Interoffice Communication.

Earl and I have separate computer rooms these days. I’ve moved into the music studio and he has the old wreck room. The reason for this is because he likes to sing out loud and I like to do the same, usually to a different tune.

Anyways, we IM back and forth once in a while or just yell.

Him: “Are we going for a ride this afternoon? We’re not eating supper until 7 or so.”

Me: “Where would you like to go?”

Him: “Poughkeepsie.”

Now, I have no idea why Earl wants to head to Poughkeepsie but I doubt we can get there and back before the supper deadline.

Square Peg. Round Hole.

Earl and I went to see “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” tonight. It was a decent enough movie and did well to tie up some loose ends and pave the way for the original Star Wars movie that came out so long ago. It does amaze me how far we’ve come in CGI effects over the past couple of decades. The movie looks like there was liberal use of “cut and paste”, there were so many starships and such whizzing around in almost every scene.

After the movie, we weren’t that tired so we got all spontaneous like and headed to Syracuse and went to the bar there called ‘Rain’. I must say that I’m feeling rather obsolete these days. I was the only man in the bar with a full beard (Earl shaved his off a couple of days ago, opting for the rather handsome mustache only look). I’ll bet $5.00 I was the only one wearing 501s. I kind of felt out of place with the shaved head and full beard, as the majority of guys there seemed to be very metrosexual. The older guys that weren’t going metrosexual were desperately trying to grab on to their fading youth and quite frankly were losing the battle. I must say I don’t get it. When did it become commonplace for men to get shaped, arched eyebrows that used to be found only on 1930s era starlets? Do men ever grow full beards instead of these thin line, take five hours to trim job thingees? Do a lot of men in their early 20s get their hair highlighted and/or streaked? I thought that was reserved for older women that were trying to cover up the gray. And when did men start wearing Britney Spears midriff shirts? Call me crazy, but I like men that are men. You don’t have to be a construction worker or anything, but rather just your average Joe. I guess I don’t have tolerance for those that seem so posey. Hell, maybe I’m just judgmental and am not accepting them for whomever they are. But If I ever had the occasion to play around with any of these guys (not that I would every touch them with a ten foot pole, being married and all), I’d break them in half and they’d go home crying to their mama. Thank god I’m not in the dating game.

So Earl and I had two drinks and headed home. It seemed like the best thing to do, what with us being married and all. And being the big boys that we are, we had a little bit of Mc Donalds at one of the Thruway rest areas.

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I am so glad its Friday. I don’t know why I get so giddy about the weekend. It’s not like I don’t enjoy my job or anything. I actually look forward to going to work in the morning. But when the weekend roles around, I just get, well, giddy. There’s so much that I would like to accomplish on any given weekend. There’s so many places I’d like to go. There’s so many things I’d like to see.

Of course I end up not doing even half of it. Then it’s Monday and I’m looking forward to Friday again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Anyways, I took half a day of vacation today which was a nice way to kick off the weekend. Earl and I bought a futon for the music room, which was supposed to be delivered around 1:00 p.m. The nice furniture company called around 11:00 to let us know that the futon had broken in half (?) and we’d have to wait until Wednesday to have a new one delivered. Or we could take the one that broke in half for $25 off. I guess the discount was to cover the cost of the duct tape required to put it back together.

So Earl and I got the weekend starting by doing a double diner delight. Betty’s Diner for lunch (I had a “The Big Porker”) and then Anne Marie’s Family Diner for supper (I had turkey and gravy over white bread). I know, both were extremely healthy choices. I’m of the mindset of just not giving a flying fsck about what I eat. I walk two hours every morning, I’m planning on cycling again starting next week. So I look like a fat pig. At least I’m jolly.

Earl tolerated one of my road geek trips to check out the new signs in the Syracuse area. I know that all sounds dreadfully boring to most people, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Now I’m listening to “Sirius Out Q” before calling it a night. Tomorrow night, its the obligatory trip to the movies to see Star Wars.


An Open Letter To Mr. Leslie Moonves, CBS

I took an old fashioned approach and actually mailed a letter to Mr. Leslie Moonves of CBS Entertainment in regards to the cancellation of my favorite television show, “Judging Amy”. If you are interested in saving “Judging Amy”, I urge you to do the same. Please feel free to use mine as a template, however, you may wish to remove the part about being a radio programmer, unless you really are.

I feel like an injustice has been committed and I’m quite sick of network television telling us what we should be watching when we clearly are enjoying something else. I’m also quite appalled at the lack of respect shown to the older audience (Judging Amy was skewing too “old” in demographics) because it is perceived that they do not spend as much money with advertisers as younger people do.

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO
CBS Entertainment
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Moonves:

I am writing in regard to the recent decision to cancel the popular television drama “Judging Amy”. In short, I feel that you have made a terrible mistake in canceling this fine television program.

“Judging Amy” was the one show on television that I truly looked forward to watching. I realize that I perhaps do not quite fit your target demographic as a 36 year old male. As a radio programmer, I understand the importance of that coveted 18-49 target audience, the folks that allegedly spend the most amount of money with advertisers. However, “Judging Amy” appealed to a broader audience. I know people of many ages, young and old that enjoyed the strong, quality ensemble of fine actors. “Judging Amy” appealed to many types of viewers. There are those that enjoyed the escapism of peering into the lives of the Gray family. Then others appreciated the awareness the show brought to the family court system. I could wait until the weekend to watch “The West Wing” or ?Medium? off my TiVo, but “Judging Amy” deserved to be watched as it was aired, Tuesday nights at 10 p.m.

In a sea of mediocre reality shows and dubious quality sitcoms, I find it difficult to believe that “Judging Amy” was in any way tarnishing the image of CBS to the point of needing cancellation. I also find it difficult to believe that you?re filling the Tuesday 10 p.m. slot with an inferior carbon copy of the show.

I have made a point of noting the advertisers that supported “Judging Amy” and have made an effort to do business with them. I can not say that I will do the same for “Close To Home’.

Please reconsider the cancellation of “Judging Amy”. At the very least, allow the faithful viewers the dignity of a proper closure of the series.

Thank you for your time.


Mc Blog.

I had devious plans of using the wireless connection at the local Mc Donalds today during my lunch break. The plans were devious because I didn’t intend on purchasing anything at Mc Donalds during this visit, but rather just sitting out in my car surfing the internet on my PowerBook. Theoretically, the wireless connection should extend out to the parking lot unless they have a really, really cheap wireless router.

There was no connection to be found at the two Mc Donalds that are located closest to my office. And I’m pretty sure that they’re advertising free high speed. Either they don’t have it going yet, it’s not working or Mc Donalds has cleverly harnessed the connection for inside the building only. On second thought, perhaps the connection only lets you use it if you SuperSize a McBomb meal.

I’ve been running home for lunch every day for the past couple of months, save for a stray day here and there. I wasn’t really in the mood to go for a walk, since I fulfilled that obligation this morning (note my patting myself on the back here). I had to do a quick customer visit before lunch so I figured I’d just borrow some McNet.

So I’m sitting in the parking lot at work, currently connectionless, typing my blog entry in trusty TextEdit. The sun is shining beautifully. The temperature is in the mid 60s, and people are actually walking by, chatting and smiling at one another. It’s good to see people be cordial to one another, as one rarely sees that these days. The world seems to be more “dog-eat-dog” each day. People don’t take the time to exchange pleasantries anymore. As a tech support specialist, I can attest to the dismal way people treat others over the telephone.

“I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with your telephone, what’s your main telephone number so I can look up your account?”

“You figure it out! [click].”

Unbelievable. I quickly learned to separate* work for my personal feelings and ego and not get so worked up about these things anymore. I save my rage for the road these days. And don’t get me started on that.

* For those intrigued by my “Fix Birds Up” blog entry, I initially typed “celebrate” instead of “separate” when I was typing this entry. Just another example of how my brain works.

IM Having Fun.

Inspired by the latest version of Mac OS X (dubbed ‘Tiger’), I’ve been using iChatAV much more lately. For those unfamiliar with Mac applications, iChatAV is the equivalent of AOL Instant Messenger. In fact, you can use AOL Instant Messenger to chat with anyone using iChatAV. Jabber and ICQ are also compatible with iChatAV.

I used to be a huge fan of Instant Messaging programs, especially back in the late 1980s when I worked for DEC. We used a program called VAXphone (I think that was the name of it) that allowed us to do the Instant Messaging thing, and allowed me to chat all night with my friends who were a long distance call away. Of course this was all at 1200-baud, so there wasn’t any image exchanges or file trading going on, nor did we use webcams because they weren’t around yet, but it was great to be able to chat away and such.

So now I’m back on the IM bandwagon again. We use IM at work to chat between co-workers in different offices. It’s an efficient way to keep in touch when you have a quick question. At home, while I’ve always been an e-mailaholic, I’m appreciating the instantaneous nature of instanting messaging. I pride myself on my rapid typing abilities, so I tend to type out complete sentences and complete words, whereas folks like my sister and motheruse these two letter abberviations that take me a few moments to comprehend.

Anyways, I’ve added a little “online” indicator once again to my blog so you can see when I’m on iChatAV/AOL IM. Feel free to drop a little line and say hello if you’re so inclined. It’ll be fun.