Truman is not a snuggler. He’s content being in close proximity to us but he’s not one to flop on top of us any snuggle in for purrs and a nap.

When he settles in next to my desk during the workday I know this is his way of showing love. He digs at my closed door until he’s allowed entrance and then he’s on the floor, sprawled out next to his little cat house.

Contentment by proximity.


Today is International Cat Day. Truman poses in front of his food dish because even though he’s well over the vet’s recommended weight, he feels he does not get enough food. Normally he’s banging on the entire device with his left paw, trying to get kibble to fall down like a kid shaking a gum ball machine. Nevertheless, he wishes everyone a Happy International Cat Day.


Truman has pretty much adjusted to his required harness when out on the balcony. Curiously, when he has the harness on he always sits or lies down out there he always does it so he can bring his paws together.

He then gives me a look.


Truman inspects the hallway every morning. We have a daily routine; I scoop his business out of his litter box, take it down to the trash chute, and he follows along and sniffs at the doorways where we knows other cats and dogs live. He’s silent as he walks from door to door, though if you get really close one can hear him purring.

He goes around the corner and then I kneel down. He sees me kneel down and comes over and rubs my outstretched hand, then I get up and walk to our front door. He follows along, taking his time, glancing about in transit. He then runs through the front door and goes to the kitchen cabinet where he knows he’ll get two treats.

We do this every day. It’s not a day unless we’ve done this together. He enjoys the routine as much as I do.


Truman is slowing getting used to having to be in a harness to go out on the balcony. I can’t use the harness or leash to guide him in anyway, he has to be leading the way at all times. If I give it a little tug to suggest he go to another part of the balcony, he’ll flop over on his side and start playing with the leash.

I’m happy that’s he’s getting to experience the balcony a little but I’m very happy he’s on a harness, he’s pressed his head against the metal mesh below the railing and goes to the floor. I don’t have to worry about him ever falling off the balcony, but I wouldn’t put it past him to try to jump on the railing and we can’t have that.

I think he’s looking forward to the warmer weather just as much as we are.


I think Truman is getting bored with the subtle changes in our routine, even though we’re both home most of the time under normal circumstances. He knows something is different with the world but he can’t put his kitty paws on the details. Kibble and treats are happening on schedule but something tells his feline sixth sense that something is off.

To help cope with this situation he works on shredding the couch (I was tempted to call it a ‘davenport’) and climbing the screens on the windows to the balcony.

He needs a catcation, despite the innocent look displayed in the photo above.