Truman knows the status of every creature in the back yard at all times. He watches every bird’s arrival and departure, keeps track of the lizards running around, and probably sees things we humans haven’t seen yet.


Truman had his first adventure outside yesterday. He’s not allowed outside without supervision and once he realized the rules he settled in on the patio to take in the sites of the desert.

He enjoys watching birds and other movement out back. He sniffed the air a few times and then just relaxed under my watchful eye.


We’ve been here for only three days yet Truman has adapted very well to his new home. He’s still figuring out the new time zone; his demands for breakfast are at 5:30 AM instead of the usual 7:30 AM, but we’re letting that slide. We’ve actually approached bedtime differently since moving to the desert and he now has the freedom to sleep with us if he so chooses. He does, and he settles himself at our feet in between the two of us in bed. But when there’s a hint of sunrise shining through, he’s up and ready for some food.

We can manage. During the week I get up at 5:30 AM so I can make my now 6:00 AM calls for work.

I get the feeling he’s loving all the extra room the house provides. He’s running up and down the stairs like a trooper, has mapped out every square foot of the place, and while still figuring out the rules around what’s considered a countertop and what’s not, he seems the happiest he’s ever been since joining our family a few years ago.

We’ll start tackling the patio and gazebo over the next few weeks once our furniture arrives and things are a little more settled.


Truman is very happy we’re home from Tucson. He didn’t eat much while we were gone; his food dish (as part of the automatic feeder) was filled to the top when we came rolling in. We cleaned up the mess and got back to his regular routine and now he’s happy. So are we.

He always wants to be in close proximity. He’s usually situated near my feet or at a reasonable place nearby. He’s good at being a cat.


This is Truman at one of his quiet times in the past 48 hours. He’s been a little bit of a maniac for the past two days and has been quite vocal. He’s often directing his chatter at the ceiling.

I’m wondering if he hears another cat in the building or maybe a baby in one of the nearby condos. I’ve taken him for a few walks in the hallway and the stairwell and he looks around, purrs a lot, and then is ready to come inside.

My schedule has been all over the place this week with work obligations; perhaps he’s just not like the break in the routine.

Cat Fishing.

Truman is enjoying the “Cat Fishing” game I bought for my iPad Pro. When he’s looking bored I fire up the game and put the iPad on the floor. It takes him just a moment to notice what’s going on and then he starts scoring points by tapping on the fish. Once in a while he swipes out of the game by mistake and then looks at me like I’m crazy. I try to show him how to swipe back into the game but he isn’t interested, he just wants the fish to come back.

It’s kind of neat that Friskies has come up with a way to entertain our feline friends. I’m not looking forward to the day that he requests his own iPad, though.


Truman is more attentive to the Christmas trees last year versus his level interest last year. We don’t have all the trees up yet as we’ll be picking out and putting up the real trees this coming weekend. But on several occasions the white Disney tree has been rattling around the dining room courtesy of Truman’s new found interest. Once in a while we’ll find a couple of branches removed from the tree and hanging nearby. There’s a couple of ornaments with bells and they get his attention when he starts rattling things around.

He’s decided that the tree skirt is quite comfortable and is often found napping on it. I’m happy that he’s enjoying the COVID Christmas 2020 as much as we are.