Road Trip.

My husband and I are on our first non-moving related road trip of the summer. After work today we headed west across the desert. Tomorrow we will have a nice day and dinner together.

I like little adventures like this. We need to do this sort of thing before COVID-19’s latest folly slams the country too hard.


We tried out a new (to us) Mexican restaurant this evening. It was near the downtown area and the five of us had a great experience. I appreciate being able to eat outside, in the fresh air, where mask use and such is less worrisome.


My husband and I went for a ride and then met the rest of the family at a local restaurant called Serial Grillers. We don’t get out very much, what with pandemics and the like, but it was nice to be able to sit at a bar, have a drink, and just chat with others out in public for a few moments. We miss doing this, but we’re balancing a responsible approach to our health and the health of others with the need for some social interaction.

I have a feeling there may be some attempted lockdowns later this year. COVID infections are starting to spike amongst the unvaccinated population and this is concern for everyone, not just those that are not vaccinated for whatever reason.

Thank god polio didn’t come around in the 21st century.


Earl and Jamie are in Phoenix this weekend to watch a couple of Cubs @ Diamondbacks games. They’re expected home this evening. The Cubs won yesterday; hopefully they’ll repeat the feat today.

Chris, Mike, and I went out for Korean BBQ and Sushi last night. I rode in the backseat as we made our way into town. I don’t get to appreciate the scenery surrounding our home when I’m driving, so it was nice to just watch the world go by as we made our way to the restaurant. We’ve lived here in Tucson for several months but I’m still not used to the fact that we have mountains all around, even though we can see them from numerous vantage points on our property.

Mike is the driver’s seat.

The food was very good. This was the second time I had been to this restaurant. My husband doesn’t enjoy Asian Cuisine nor does he enjoy sushi, so with him out of town we decided to go take advantage of the situation. It was very good and we had a nice time.

Chris and Mike.

Three out of five of us have nose rings, four out of five of us have tattoos, and one out of five of us is clean-shaven at the moment. Guess who the “one” is in all these scenarios.

They still love me even with these current cosmetic choices.


So the other night at dinner I told the family that I rode bus 53 from 4th grade until the beginning of my senior year in high school. It was the first bus (of two purchased that year) in the district to have the higher backed seats, emergency escape hatches in the ceiling, and an extra escape door in the back (for a total of two). Unlike the buses purchased by the district the previous decade, it did not have a Ford engine and it did not have a Blue Bird body, instead, it was the first diesel bus in the district, made by International with a Carpenter body. There was a “half” seat on one side in the back row. Bus 54 was its twin; 53 replaced 43 and 54 replaced 42. The buses purchased the next year were still International but with bodies by Blue Bird. The bus driver’s name was Bernie and had taken a liking to my sister. In kindergarten she could ride up front with him by sitting on the heater. It was the 1970s. Seat belts were just a suggestion. He’d turn left on the Springbrook Road and to tame the unruly students in the back, he’d pull over and scream “sit down and shut up!”. We’d sit there on the Springbrook Road until we were calm and then off we’d go for the rest of the route. My sister were second to last on the route home. Bernie was always pleasant and I believe he sold cars when he wasn’t driving bus. His brother Ed was a barber in town. His sister in law drove bus 54.

Chris mentioned he doesn’t even know the numbers of the buses he rode in school. I think Jamie and Mike stared at me in disbelief and Earl just shook his head up and down because he’s heard all these stories before.

I shared this for two reason: 1. It’s something I remember and I never have a shortage of stories to share and 2. 53 was at the forefront of my mind.

I turned 53 today. It’s hard to believe I started this blog at age 34. I’ve probably talked about bus 53 before.


This day off from work doesn’t really make sense to me, this day after Independence Day. It’s a work holiday and I suppose I should be relaxing and enjoying the time off but in actuality I’m just kind of sitting around waiting for the work week to start tomorrow.

Perhaps I need to learn how to relax.

The fireworks were yesterday. The parades were yesterday. The barbecues and the adult beverages and the little worry of getting enough sleep because it’s all holiday: all yesterday.

I’m a little surprised folks didn’t want to have the long weekend Friday to Sunday instead of Saturday to Monday. I mentioned this to my husband; he indicated having Monday off gave us a day to recover in preparation for the work week. I suppose. He doesn’t need to worry about recovering, he’s retired.

I guess it’s nice to have the time off today. Perhaps I should just focus on the here and now and not concern myself with the upcoming work week.


So we went on a long road trip. When all was said and done we drove about 410 miles. The farthest south was the Mexican border at Douglas, Arizona. The farthest east was Lordsburg, New Mexico, and the farthest north was Safford, Arizona.

We covered a lot of roadway that went through a lot of rural desert. It was a hoot and a half.

We started out by following Historic US Route 80, which is Arizona State Route 80. US 80 was replaced by Interstate 10 west of mid-Texas, but there’s still plenty of ways to drive the old roadway. ADOT is kind enough to post the route with Historic US Route signs.

I’ve started a small collection of service station uniform shirts. I occasionally wear them when we are on road trips.

Our travels brought us to the former mining town of Bisbee. The area has been rejuvenated as an “arts town”. We stopped for lunch and walked around the quaint downtown. It was a very pleasant experience.

The restaurant was part of a collection of shops in a multi-purpose Art Deco style building. There were knick knacks and doodads from the era.

Overall we had a lovely time. We are really enjoying exploring the desert.