We can breathe again. We made it. The four year nightmare has come to an end.

Welcome aboard, President Biden and Vice-President Harris. Let’s get to work, together.


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So last night, after watching hours of news coverage of the insurrection going on at the Capitol Building and then watching the Senate and House proceedings on certifying the vote, I wrote a quick blog entry that was vague. I talked about failure, and shock, and success.

I am very angry.

My mind has been blown since Trump took office four years ago. My mind was actually blown long before he won the Republican Primary. Anyone with any sense or moral foundation knew that a Trump Presidential Administration was going to be an absolute disaster. Yesterday was just the icing on the a feces laden cake we’ve been forced to deal with since this idiot took office.

But thing that blows me away is how rabid his supporters have become. Members residing on my branch of the family tree are so whacked out in love with the guy, and this leaves me stupefied. Four years later, after seeing praise and piety and whatever other word that means “what the fuck” that begins with a “p” heaped onto this guy from the strongest “Christians” on the family tree has me baffled. I thought I was related to stable people. There are too many lunatics in my bloody relations.

However, I like to think that those few around me are not nearly as nuts as the complete and utter idiots that stormed the Capitol Building yesterday. There’s a video of some chick named Elizabeth talking about a revolution but crying because she got some mace in the eyes. I’m surprised the Capitol Police found the time to mace this woman. They didn’t seem very interested in protecting the place; there’s too many video clips and photos of police officers taking selfies with these criminals or opening gates to let them have access to the building. The entire Capitol Police Force needs to be stripped from the top all the way to the bottom. The chief resigned. It’s a start.

Folks are frustrated. I get that. But in no way was Donald Trump ever the answer to this problem. The man has been a television punch line for decades. The man has bankrupted casinos. And not only did millions of Americans find him worthy of the Oval Office in 2016, 70 million American still think he’s doing well enough to get another chance to burn the entire country down to the ground over the next four years.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Are your lives so miserable that you want everyone else to suffer to make you feel better over your stupefied, miserable, unsuccessful lives?

I’ve been too quiet for too long about politics, especially here on my blog. Yes, I love talking about all aspects of life here, but for life to be pleasant we have to have a strong foundation. Am I thrilled about Joe Biden as President? Meh, I think he’ll do fine. I find Kamala a refreshing breath of Gen-X in a decidedly Baby Boomer game. The thing I’m most excited about is Georgia swinging blue in the Senate yesterday. This is going to be interesting. And ironically, we have Trump’s asshattery to thank for that. But more importantly, I feel like the country may have turned a corner. I think yesterday’s abomination and blight on our history may have pushed enough people in the right direction to get things swung back over towards something that resembles sanity.

I’ll be following politics closely. I want to know what’s going on. And I want to do everything I can as Joe Citizen to help push the country finally into the 21st century. We’re already 21 years into the 21st century and we ain’t got squat to show for it.

Let’s do this.

Failure. Success.

Photo from New York Times.

So many feelings today. So many shocks. So many insanities. So many failures. So many words.

So many successes.


It’s not often that I agree with Paul Ryan, but I agree with Paul Ryan. The lunatics in the GOP need to get themselves under control and out of the Twilight Zone.


Many of the news media are known for calling Trump “the worst President in modern U.S. history”. Why do they say that? There’s only been 45 people to hold this office of the presidency; who in the 45 of them has been actual worse at the job than Trump?

Can any president claim that over 300K Americans have been killed by a pandemic that could have been mitigated to result in a much lower death count?

Andrew Jackson was pretty awful with his “Indian Relocation Act”. Herbert Hoover didn’t do us many favors with his prelude to the Depression. I guess it’s all relative, but I really don’t think any president has been as reckless, self-serving, or dangerous as Trump. Ever. In the history of the country.

The death count of 9/11 is being reached or frightfully exceeded on a DAILY basis right now during this raging pandemic. Trump is off to Mar-A-Lago with his whore in toe and he’s vowing to veto a stimulus package. Yes, the country should be giving us more money but he couldn’t be bothered to address the issue when Congress was debating how the next stimulus should be handled. Our technological infrastructure was attacked by Russia but he’s cutting federal funds for the military and he won’t even address the issue.

Worst president ever? Absolutely. No doubt. Stop dancing around the colossal failure this guy has been.


Photo courtesy of The Atlantic.

I am so very tired. This is why I don’t write about politics or the state of the country like I used to. I am just so exhausted. One more month.

I’m tired of people rationalizing Trump’s ridiculous behavior. I’m tired of politicians with absolutely no sense of moral responsibility or even evidence of some shred of a foundation of decency. I’m tired of the outrage. I’m tired of the outrageous. And I’m really tired of having to tolerate all of this extremely idiotic behavior from entirely too many people.

What the hell happened to this country?

I’m reading dialogues from people in my educational past that didn’t understand that the Underground Railroad didn’t involve tokens or exact change lecture the world on the nuances of the U.S. Constitution. I’m listening to endless, monotonous commentary from paid pundits trying to speak with authority on the next moves of a man who is insane, has no clear agenda outside of sheer destruction, and has no sense of moral obligation to do anything other than serve himself. And my Christian contemporaries telling me this idiot has been sent by a God? Give me a break. I’m embarrassed for them.

One saving grace in all this is at my age I figure the country might outlast me by a decade. Tops. I know the world will go on; I’m doubtful the U.S.A. will endure in its present form beyond the next 50 years. There’s too much thirst for blood in too many of its citizens. Too many Americans revel in and profit from their fellow citizens suffering. Some hick in Mississippi, in his 10×50 mobile home from 1972, feels he is just fine because Trump made those “forty-oneks” do great things on Wall Street. His investments have never been better.

You can’t escape the outrage. You can’t even escape the discussion. That dried up Cheetolini, with all his litigation and tantrums and just plain, repulsive buffoonery is everywhere. He makes for great ratings and great ad revenues and millions of clicks and feeds the corporate cogs of American capitalism. Do not be fooled by anyone with a furrowed eyebrow, an eyeroll, are words of concern, they’re all loving this and will milk every single outrage until the very bitter end.

I hope this end arrives, very, very soon.


To the people of Georgia:

If you’re disappointed Georgia flipped to blue during this last election, and you really want Trump as President for the next four years, there’s still a chance.

During the special run-off election in January, write Trump’s name in for your candidate of choice. If there’s two blanks, write it twice. This will help turn things around.

I remain,


My parents weren’t big on using the legal system to sue people or corporations, which were two different things back when I was growing up. I’m sure we had a couple of occasions to sue someone for negligence or something that harmed our family in some way. The car accident in 1978 comes to mind; either a driver drove a truck that was too tall to get under a bridge or the state had built the bridge too low. Despite the fact the car was totaled, there were hospital bills, and the like, we didn’t sue anyone. It’s just not the way my family did things.

I’m sure the family contracting business was sued by an angry customer on occasion. Now that I think about it, we probably took a few people to court for not paying their bills, but again, we weren’t really that big on engaging the legal system in this manner.

Now, I’m not saying there’s never a reason to sue someone. Willful negligence. Sure, it makes sense. But some folks like to stuff up the legal system with lawsuits over and over again in the hope of winning one of them once in a while. This makes them feel important.

Donald Trump immediately comes to mind in this last scenario.

When things aren’t going his way, he’ll threaten to take things to the Supreme Court. Over and over and over and over again. Maybe he thinks if he wears folks down with constant legal proceedings he’ll have a large penis or something. Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that the legal system should be reserved for the big stuff. Our legal system has enough in the way of issues, we don’t need to try perverting the system for our own pleasure or gain. That’s just so, well, dirty and unpatriotic. We shouldn’t clog up the legal system just to say we sued someone to get our way, when we wouldn’t have normally gotten our way. It just seems so un-American.

When I think of people that are un-American, I do think of Donald Trump. Now more than ever.