Odessa, Texas.

So I’ve decided that tonight is the final night of this year’s week long storm chasing trip and personal retreat. I drove from Dumas, Texas to Odessa, mostly under beautiful skies and away from the Interstates.

The drive was quite pleasant. I love the flatlands. There’s a lot of oil rigs down here.

Mother Nature decided to get a little feisty today. It was nothing like last night’s adventure in Amarillo, but I started chasing a storm to the NE of Midland when I ran into a traffic jam on Interstate 20.

I sat in traffic for over an hour before escaping onto a side street. The storm got way ahead of me and though I tried to catch up, it dissipated before I could get any photos.

I’m back at the hotel now and getting ready to wind down my night. There’s lightning flashing in the distance. I won’t chase at night, so I’ll just watch the lightning show from my hotel room instead.