Back In The Air.

Last month I became part of a local flying club after being on the wait list for a bit. I’ve finished my security clearance requirements necessary for going into restricted areas of the airport and tonight I had the chance to finally get in the air for one of my checkout rides.

I hadn’t flown since early February, and while I have plenty of hours in my logbook, I always get a bit nervous when it’s been over 30 days since I last flew. I knew I needed to do some checkout flights with the club instructors to show them that I actually know how to fly an airplane, and my flight with Josh turned out to be just fine. If there’s any area of my life where I take an extremely conservative approach to things, it’s around my aviation decisions. It’s part of my plan to become a very old pilot.

While I’ve done plenty of touch ‘n goes at KTUS Tucson International Airport, this was my first time actually departing from there. Because it’s the airport is in Class C airspace, there’s a couple of extra things I need to do on the radios to head out, but once I got that down I was good to go.

It was a really fun night and I’m excited about the club airplanes.