My annual salary increase was a little larger than anticipated. When I received the news on Monday, I told my husband I’d like to have a date night at a local restaurant, and the night should include a bottle of champagne.

We had a very nice time at Charro Steak and Del Rey here in Tucson. Living on the outskirts of the city, it’s a 30 minute or so drive to the downtown area. I enjoy the vibe of Tucson’s downtown. It’s small but feels rather up and coming and I like the area.

Our reservation was for 18:30 and we were seated just before the restaurant seemingly filled to capacity. I understand the restaurant to be two restaurants that were combined into one; we took a peek to the other (behind the wall with the bar) and the same atmosphere seemed to continue on over there.

The food was delicious and our selections were rather decadent. This sort of activity is not something we can do every week, even with my higher than anticipated raise, but once in a great while is rather fun.

While I have historically enjoyed trying different craft beers, as I get older my stomach doesn’t enjoy beer as much as it used to. I also enjoy a good glass of wine, and adding some bubbles to the experience was a nice change of pace. Actually, I’m discovering I really like Champagne and Prosecco when the mood is right. Years ago I read that Larry Hagman enjoyed drinking Champagne while performing as Major Nelson on “I Dream of Jeannie”. I don’t think I could do that. Once in a while is just fine for me.

It was a lovely evening.