Getting Ready.

Sidney, Nebraska. June 2022.
Copeland, Kansas. June 2022.

My next storm chasing trip is just three weeks away. We’re starting to get into the zone where long range forecasts start to mean something. Nothing changes like the weather, but this far out one can start to see how things might shape up.

There’s several weather and storm chasing blogs and other outlets that I follow on a regular basis. Most are predicting a lively experience the week that I plan on being out there. I’m looking forward to seeing and experience some of Mother Nature’s feisty moments, in a safe manner of course. After all, I do need to return the rental car still intact. My brain chemistry won’t allow me to just destroy someone else’s property just because I have insurance.

It looks like I might be going a little farther east than I did last year. I’m also going a month earlier than I did last year, so theoretically I shouldn’t have to drive as far north as I did in 2022, but only time will tell. I’ll drive where I need to drive.

If the week turns out to be quiet, I still have plenty of towns and cities and the like to explore, and that can be just as fun for me, albeit in a very different way than riding out 60+ MPH winds, but still enjoyable.

I plan on being a little more active with sharing content from my adventures during this chase week in May. I’m still not sure how Twitter will figure into the mix, any foundation of stability and reliability with that platform is quickly eroding, but I will be sharing photos on Pixelfed, and unfortunately, Instagram. I’m not a fan of the Meta owned properties but I use them because so many folks I know are there.

I may also stream on YouTube, we’ll just have to see. I’m trying to decide if I need to build a new YouTube channel specifically for storm chasing and associated content. After all, the monsoon here in the desert can be lively as well, so I’d have plenty of opportunity to share videos and the such there. I think all the cool kids have a specific focus to their channels; I should probably do the same.

I’ll definitely be sharing my experiences here on Ye Ol’ Ancient Blog. Deciding to drive the entire trip, instead of flying to a starting point, has given me the opportunity to carry a little more in technology, so I should have plenty of horsepower at my disposal to make sharing a bit easier.