I missed important calls from work last night. The issue at work ultimately turned out to not be a problem related to my team’s work, but it took some time to get that figured out and since the crisis team at work couldn’t reach me, they started calling up the hierarchy chain.

I am disappointed in myself for not being on top of this.

One of the most irritating things about the modern age is that spammers and scammers are allowed to irritate and ring phones and send text messages at all times of the day and night without any sort of control efforts from our legislative bodies. Anyone that spams or scams my phone should be shot. Full stop. This is why I have my phone so locked down when I’m sleeping.

I figured out how to set up the “sleep” focus mode on my iPhone so I will still get calls from work. Normally my iPhone is ALWAYS in silent mode. I don’t even know what my ringer sounds like. But when I go to bed each night, I’ll have this reminder to prompt me to take it out of silent mode as I put it on the charger.

I’m not about to miss another call from work. I have too much responsibility and my team does too many great things for me to fall down on this.

And props to me for having the same alarm clock that I purchased at Ames in Worcester, Mass. in 1990.