This couple appeared in the “Bewitched” season four episode, “Once In A Vial”. A fun little farce where Endora gets smacked with a love potion she insisted to be used on Samantha, Endora ends up almost marrying one of Darrin’s clients.

When Endora and Mr. Callahan appear in front of the Justice of the Peace, hilarity ensues as Samantha tries to stop the marriage. The couple in the photo above are the justice of the peace and wife. They’re an old couple, quite friendly, and confused at all the witchy shenanigans going on.

Except, they’re not old. In this episode, the Justice of the Peace is played by Frederic Downs and his wife (Edna) is played by Mary Lansing.

Mr. Downs was 52, Ms. Lansing was 57. That’s not old. THAT’S MY AGE!

Back when I was young I thought 50 was old. Heck, everyone in that situation feels 50 is old. At 54 I don’t feel old at all. I hope Mr. Downs and Ms. Lansing felt as young then as I do today.