It started with daydreaming. I was working along this morning, minding my own business and trying to concentrate on the task of the moment when I started thinking about chasing storms. This quickly connected to me wondering how many homes in tornado alley actually have storm cellars like we see in “Twister” or “The Wizard Of Oz”. I did a quick search, intending to find a statistic. Instead, I landed on real estate listings in West Texas for homes with a storm cellar. I started looking at these listings. I then noticed a common decorating theme in all these homes.

They have “messages” everywhere. Inspirational messages. Religious messages. Stencils. Framed nuggets of wisdom. Food cabinets labeled “PANTRY”. I can only assume I have missed out on some sort of Live, Laugh, Love opportunity in our attempts at decorating over the years.

In case you don’t know how the bathroom works.
Ownership labels.

Wine cabinet goals.
Instructions and Inspiration.
More Directives.