Womp. Womp.

Photo from AP News.

I have to admit I’m a little fascinated by the drama going on with the new session of Congress, specifically the election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. As of this writing the fifth election is taking place to elect McCarthy in the role, and it’s not looking good. The “Freedom Caucus” is holding out and 20 Republican members of the House are casting their votes for others.

Now, ideologically I’m not aligned with these folks on the “Freedom Caucus”. But I’ve long held the belief that the U.S. Government in general needs a shake up and away from the “same old, same old” approach that’s been going on for decades and these 20 folks holding their ground are certainly shaking things up.

It’ll be interesting to see how this falls out, especially since there was no “red wave” at the midterm elections and the Republicans BARELY hold a majority in the House. On one hand, the GOP not getting their stuff together to elect a speaker is damaging to their political capital (aww, so sad). But on the other hand, more of these shake ups may be just what this country needs to start things moving forward again.

We just need to keep moving things in the proper direction.

UPDATE 14:31 MST as I finished up this entry, Mr. McCarthy lost his fifth round of voting in his efforts to become speaker.