We had a lot of activity in the house this week. Much of the damage from Monsoon Season 2021 was finally repaired and the house is looking intact again. Last Thursday and Friday the drywall company was here and replaced the missing drywall that was removed due to water damage. On Monday and Tuesday this week, our new exterior doors were replaced. The original doors were never installed correctly and the floor and door framing underneath the exterior doors on the second floor were in really bad shape. The contractors had to remove and rebuild the flooring in our bedroom in front of our door that goes outside.

The contractors made a small hole in the floor to inspect the damage. They went to seal up the hole when they noticed cat hair on the edges of the hole. Truman was missing. They were confident he’d gone down the hole.

We searched around the house, searched around the property, searched the roof (where the second floor doors provide access), no Truman. The contractor said, “I see the insulation mashed down, he’s down there”.

Kitty was almost sealed up in the floor while sniffing the floor joists between the first and second floor.

The contractors ended up taking out a much bigger section of the floor and climbing down in to see what was up. A few moments later we heard the unmistakable sounds of a cat being pulled out of a hiding place by his paws and he was not happy. But he was out of the hole and back up in the house where he belonged.

I raided my casino winnings for a very nice tip for the extra work the contractors did to extract Truman from the floor joists. Truman demanded treats upon his extraction.