We are at the local Starbucks this afternoon. I’m enjoying an unsweet black iced tea while my husband has the same with just a touch more lemon. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog entry whilst in a Starbucks; I still enjoy the experience.

There is a smattering of iPads, MacBooks, and PC laptops amongst the audience here in this Starbucks. The wifi is very slow. I ended up using my Personal Hotspot on my iPhone to connect as speeds were below 1Mbps when I was connected to Starbucks’ wifi.

There’s a lot of Christmas decorations up in this store because it’s the first week of November. Christmas in the desert is still weird to me, because I’m wearing shorts and the sun is shining brightly. It doesn’t make it any less valid, it’s just different. I’m still used to being under grey skies and in waist deep snow.

One of the amusing things about living in the desert this time of year is the number of people wearing toques and heavy jackets even though it’s 22ºC/73ºF outside. It’s quite pleasant and standing in the sun is still a warming experience.

I spent a few hours working this morning to try to catch up to the chaos left behind by the work week. I’ve been having too many chaotic days at work for the past few months and trying to bring calm to that chaos can occasionally be a challenge. Working a few hours on a Saturday morning, purely for my own sanity, helps keep me grounded.

And now I shall enjoy my iced tea.