September 21, 2022


I don’t know this person. His slicked hair, mustache, and glasses caught my eye one night while I was watching a 1956 presentation on the wonders of Western Electric. He was the only one in the film with facial hair. Here he’s just a guy that’s working hard at one of Western Electric’s facilities. Yes, I find him attractive. Yes, my husband knows this.

It must have been hot in the facility because it appears he’s wearing a t-shirt while working. Many of the folks in the 1956 Western Electric film are dressed quite nice, especially when compared to 2022 standards, and this man is working in his t-shirt. He’s not the only one in his t-shirt, so perhaps it was part of a trend.

One of the takeaways from my upbringing was the importance of a good work ethic. At work today we had an all-hands call for our division. The presenter brought up an image of a bunch of animals drawn on top of each other; the first animal you saw indicated your personality. I saw a cat and that meant I was determined. I feel that’s accurate, I like getting things done and having a purpose. These traits are a strong contributor to my framework for a work ethic. I believe we should contribute more than we take from society. Working hard is important to me. I’ll have time to relax when I retire in a few years, and even though I probably won’t stop working completely.

I wonder about the backstory of the gentleman in the screenshot. Was he married? Did he have kids? Did he work for Western Electric his whole life?

It appears he had a very strong work ethic. I hope he was happy with what he achieved.