My husband and I were first in Tubac, Arizona in 2003. In that blog entry, written 20 years ago, I mentioned the quaint little town in passing as we were on our way to Tucmacacori and Nogales. That’s also one of the first time I mentioned our plan of moving to Arizona for our retirement. I love it when a plan comes together.

We headed specifically to Tubac today for a nice ride on this Labor Day and to get some decorating ideas for the house. The little village is charming. I get the feeling that like the rest of the world, businesses were impacted by the pandemic, but many of the quaint little shops seem to be holding their own.

We strolled through many displays and have plenty of ideas for adding to the vibe of our home. Since it’s only an hour away, we’ll head back down and pick up things as the budget allows and the family agrees.

We had a nice lunch outside at Shelby’s Bistro. The table was a little wobbly but it was still an enjoyable experience.

Interstate 19 has metric signs, not because of its proximity to Mexico, but because it was designed and built in the late 1970s, when the United States was going to convert to metric before it scared the Republicans.
My husband giving me the “are you taking another photo of me?” look.