August 21, 2022


Yesterday we went for a ride to the area southeast of Phoenix to check out some of the towns, villages, and cities in the area. Our path took us through Arizona City, which isn’t as big as one would think, but charming in its own way, nonetheless.

My husband found us a diner in the small city. We like eating at locally owned diners when we’re traveling, so we stopped at the Flashback Diner. It was definitely a flashback. A small building with eight tables inside, it was dead quiet and everyone looked at us when we walked in. We made our way to a table for two and the friendly waitress came over with menus and we went through the typical diner experience. The food was very good.

When it was time to pay the bill, I gave her my debit card and was surprised to see what she brought back for the tip and signature.

I haven’t signed one of these forms in a very, very long time. The hacker in me was immediately concerned about my debit card number being imprinted on this form, but they didn’t do that, instead just writing the last four digits on the form so they could reference their computer records when their printer was working again.

The old school credit card slip definitely added to the flashbacks of the Flashback Diner.